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Hi. I'm Dariel Raye, an interracial/multi-cultural paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and psy/suspense author, and every day of this journey is a learning experience. I'm also a counselor, musician, and animal lover. My stories are about all-conquering love and romance, and I enjoy hosting other authors as well. Enter a world where werewolves, vampires, multi-shifters, vamp-like Nephilim, Vodouin Fey, and all things paranormal capture our hearts...

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Monday, December 31, 2018

"Wings of the Wicked" Release Countdown Day 8


Wings of the Wicked
A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection Kindle Edition

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★✩★Authors Featured in this Collection★✩★

Rebecca Hamilton
Charlene A. Wilson
Dariel Raye
Muffy Wilson
Carolyn Reilly
Kim Carmichael
J.R. Thorn
Lynda Kaye Frazier
Lexi C. Foss
Maddie Wade
LaVerne Thompson
Shereen Vedam
Colleen S. Myers
Ditter Kellen
RS McCoy
K.B. Everyly
Amara Kent
Erin Lee
Erica Gerald Mason
Zachary Paul Chopchinski
Drea Shane
Nichole Riley
N.K. Stackhouse
Amy Cissell
Leona Bushman
Betty Shreffler
Khardine Gray
Anita Hunter

Boxed Set Blurb:

Wickedly Dangerous and Sinfully Seductive.

Indulge in 25 breathtaking adventures of dangerous worlds where the lines blur between saints and sinners.

Come meet the creatures that fuel your every lust filled nightmare, where angels are not always encased in a light of righteousness and demons are not always dealing in all manner of debauchery. Where you might just end up rooting for the bad guy…

Warning: If you like demonic games, angelic interventions, and thrilling temptations, you’ll love this urban fantasy and paranormal romance collection of twisted proportions in Wings of the Wicked.

Available from All your Favorite Retailers


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Saturday, December 15, 2018

"Wings of the Wicked" Extras and Hop Stop Winners

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"Wings of the Wicked" is filled with 25-urban fantasy/paranormal romance tales, action, tension, and fire, but there are even more reasons to pre-order your copy now! Take a look...

  1. Click here and check out the details to receive over $100 worth of books for just 99 cents!

  2. There's also a special going right now to receive a gorgeous bonus prize when you pre-order! Just email your proof-of-purchase to secretfantasyescapes@gmail.com and I'll send you the bonus prize! Give me 48 hours because I'm doing it manually, but I know you're gonna love the bonus :-)

Visit my excerpts page to read a short scene from "Devil's Claim," our story in the "Wings of the Wicked" set.
Hop stop winners for me and Muffy Wilson are: Debbie Tollison - Signed copy of "Dark Opius: Watchtower" and Tamara Kasyan - Plush custom blanket. Congratulations, Ladies!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

"Wings of the Wicked" Hop Intro

Get to know a bit about all of the authors, collect prizes along the way, and enter the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY! 🎁
Get started today by visiting the first stop, and stop by my website to see me again on Tuesday, December 11th for more about my giveaway and our full-length story in the set. I'll also direct you to my co-author, Muffy Wilson, who has more to tell you and a giveaway of her own to share! Muffy and I will be at Katara's Cafe this evening at 6 PM EST, so join us there for a bonus prize :-)

Be sure to visit all the hop stops for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE.

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Here's a complete list of all the hop stops:

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Each participating author is responsible for their own giveaway and the drawing of their winner and distribution of their offered prizes.
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Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Eternal Love Bites": P.T. Macias

Have you met Rage? Why not? I bet that you have!
"Not all love bites are equal! Some are for eternity!"
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Forever Love Bite’s Copyright 2018 P.T. Macias
Included in the Eternal Love Bite's Box Set!!
Rage teleports over to Nicole’s office. He looks for her in the office and then looks out into the garden. He places the microchip case on her desk.
He walks over to the french doors and walks down the steps. His eyes roam around the garden looking for Nicole. His red lips turn up, and his white teeth gleam as the moon rays sheath him in an embrace. His eyes widen, then he lowers his eyelids, focusing on Nicole as a Fairy.
She twirls around in the garden, the moon rays caressing her as she spins around and around releasing soft pink iridescent fairy dust. Her pale pink woven translucent, shimmering organza bodice drapes over her full firm breasts, drawing his attention to her pink nipples. The skirt swirls out around her thighs, appearing like strawberry whip cream, exposing her trim legs.
Fuck! She’s incredibly beautiful! I love how her soft pink skin shimmers as she swirls under the moon rays. Why didn’t I notice before? She’s simply lovely!
The soft strawberry and rose scent drift towards Rage, enveloping him and assailing his senses. He inhales deeply; her scent seeps deeply into his soul. He slowly exhales, shuddering as his fiery blood races through his veins.
Damn it! She’s so damn enticing. I never noticed her scent. What the fuck!
He squints his eyes looking at her full breasts as she moves her hands up to pull out her scrunchie hair tie from her hair, releasing her soft silky curly hair. Her hair swirls around her; the shimmering Fairy dust falls on her and around her. She inhales deeply, instantly his spicy scent assaults her soul.
Oh my, Rage is here! I’m going to fly over to him.
Rage’s eyes are fixed on her as she twirls around and suddenly disappears. He walks out into the garden and looks around following the sprinkle of pink sparkling Fairy dust. He cups his hand, moving in a circle trying to catch some mystical dust.
Nicole suddenly appears in her miniature size, roughly 12 inches tall, and sits on his open palm. She smiles up at him, winking, and blows him a kiss with pink Fairy dust scattering over him.
“Wow! You’re exquisite! Nicolette, what a privilege to see you as a Fairy!”
Nicole throws back her head, leaning into the curve of his fingers, crossing her long legs. Her laughter rings out, soft, enchanting, and musical.
“Rage, you’re such a flirt! I know that you’ve had all sorts of ladies. Truly, you’ve never seen a Fairy?”
Rage laughs moving his hand closer and moves his left hand up to place a long elegant index finger under her chin. He slowly lifts her face up, slowly his lips turn up into a sexy smile. He gazes deeply into her beautiful bright pink eyes searching for her secrets.
“Truly, you’re my first!”
Nicole disappears, leaving pink fairy dust in his palm. She appears next to him in her full size wrapping her arms around his arm. She looks up into his startled face. Her laughter rings out, enthralling him.
“Ohhh, I’m your first?! How special is that! Now you’ve managed to captivate my heart.”
Rage moves quickly wrapping his arms around her small waist pulling her closer to him.
“Nicolette, you have no idea how mesmerizing you are!”
Nicole grins moving her hands up his arms to wrap around his neck.
“Ohhh. . . . . la la! I’m so going to take that as a possibility. . . . .a . . . . . . promise. . . . . a real opportunity of seeing you!”
Forever Love Bite’s is included in the Eternal Love Bite’s Box Set
Vhampier's Realm
Paranormal Romance That Rocks
Copyright 2018 P.T. Macias

Synopsis 😍
Get this and more from best selling author P.T. Macias with the Paranormal Romance That Rocks Box Set Collection!
Forever Love Bites. . . . .
Time is ticking⏰. . . . . . forcing Prince Maximillian into angst. His promise and obligation to select the perfect mate drives him insane!
Old beliefs and tunnel vision render him blind. The Prince is unable to recognize what he has in front of him.
The sweet sexy elemental Fairy makes the Prince blood boil, heart flutter, and soul soar. The sassy fairy uses all her charms and a dash of fairy dust to convince him that she’s perfect.
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The Collection:


🔥👉ABSOLUTE ALPHAS by Amanda Kimberley



Saturday, December 1, 2018

Holly Jolly Christmas Hop

Join us for the Holly Jolly holiday hop! https://www.bookvixens.com/holly-jolly

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

"Death and Damages" Release Celebration Giveaways

Death and Damages
A Mystery and Thriller Collection
99 cents
24 Full Length Books ~ One Million Words

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / 



        Death's Shadow by Dariel Raye and Muffy Wilson          How far would you go to bring your twin's killer to justice?  

Lucky Shores The Long Road Home by Kerry J Donovan
When newly-qualified doctor, Chet Walker, rescues two children from their abusive father, he puts at risk everything he holds dear.

Suicide Blonde by Karen M. Bryson
She's not a police detective, but she played one on television, and now she must solve her sister's murder.

Double Blind by Dan Alatorre
Two detectives hunt a serial killer, but the killer's hunting them.

A Vision A Day Keeps the Killer Away by Kelly Hashway
For psychic P.I. Piper Ashwell, seeing isn't always believing--and she's running out of time to piece together the clues before this kidnapping turns into a murder.

Facing the Past by Alexa Padgett
A childhood tragedy. An unsolved murder. In the quest to rewrite her family's past, Danielle Patterson could lose her future.

Drawing Thin by Patricia Loofbourrow
In a city controlled by the Mob, when the choice is to play by the rules or save a child's life, even a good cop can be pushed too far.

Dismal by Tiana Laveen
The prey becomes the predator when Dr. River Michelet serves a bit of street justice. Welcome to South Bend, Indiana, where the people are nice, the accents are Midwestern, and the killers are the 'boy next door.'

Never Again by Angela Sanders
She fought to leave her past behind her, but for Charlotte, there is no escape.

Double Illusion by Deborah Shlian  
A reporter and the nurse he loves put each piece of a deadly puzzle into place while a terrifying secret waits in the shadows...

Vengeance by John Ling
Maya Raines is a spy who must hunt down the ultimate target: her father's murderer.

Burning Secrets by Jane Blythe
They each had secrets; one of those secrets got them all killed

Grayout by Bill Hargenrader
Sometimes imaginary enemies are the most deadly.

The Scarlet Stiletto by Maggie Carpenter
Manhattan: 1938. A blonde bombshell walks into the office of a private detective. In her hand, a bloody stiletto. Did the mob kill her gangster husband, or did she?

Veiled Conspiracy by JaNese Dixon
He's provoking her killer, one word at a time.

Missing You by Shereen Vedam
A wild hunt is on to find a missing cat and retrieve an ancient stolen jewel.

Beach Traffic by Judith Lucci
A college reunion on the Outer Banks of North Carolina turns deadly when a woman is found murdered and five others are reported missing.

Sharpe Note: Sour Grapes of Wrath by Lisa B. Thomas
You're never too old for a midlife crisis.

Mine by Fiona Quinn
A sleepy town in southwest Virginia wakes up to a nightmare of untimely deaths.

Gone by P. Creeden
With a new job in a small town, Ella thought she could get away from big crime. She was wrong.

The Last File by Siera London
A killer's last move. A detective's last chance.

The Missing by Terry Keys
Someone is out there waiting... watching...

Qualified Immunity by Aime Austin
One thread pulled, everything unravels.

Love Thy Sister by Maria Grazia Swan

Mina Calvi's idyllic life in a California mansion came with a price. And now the grim reaper is here to collect.

99 cents
24 Full Length Books ~ One Million Words

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / 

Death and Damages: A Mystery and Thriller Collection 

Publication date: November 27th 2018

Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Danger lurks around every corner!
Courageous cops, adventurous agents, and daring detectives hunt for the answers to stop crimes by vicious killers.
But what if the damage is already done?
Inside these pages you’ll find 24 adventures full of captivating conundrums, hair-raising homicides, and suspenseful secrets from today’s USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling and award-winning authors.
Become a private investigator yourself. Inspect plots of deadly assassins, cold-blooded killers, and bone-chilling suspense inside the pages of DEATH AND DAMAGES, an enthralling mystery and thriller boxed set.
Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will devour these puzzling mysteries and gripping thrillers.
 99 cents
24 Full Length Books ~ One Million Words

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / 

 Included are stories from several NYT, USA Today, WSJ and Award-Winning Bestselling authors. 

Muffy Wilson and Dariel Raye
Patricia Loofbourrow

Pauline Creeden

John Ling

Alexa Padgett

Siera London
Shereen Vedam
Deborah Shlian
Kelly Hashway
Maggie Carpenter
Tiana Laveen
Angela Sanders
Karen M. Bryson
Aime Austin
Lisa B. Thomas
Fiona Quinn
Kerry J. Donovan
Jane Blythe
Dan Alatorre
Ja’Nese Dixon
Terry Keys
Bill Hargenrader
Judith Lucci
Maria Grazia Swan

Death's Shadow by Dariel Raye and Muffy Wilson
Everyone gets what they deserve. Everybody knows that.                             
Hell, it didn’t matter anyway. She was proof. What was a good Catholic college girl doing walking the streets in the wee hours before dawn? She could hardly reconcile the two opposing lifestyles herself.
Brianna was all alone on the barren, black, wet streets. Curiously, she was unafraid to walk the night with the underbelly of society. The longer she followed this path, the more accustomed she became to living in the darkness.
Tonight was likely identical to the night her sister was murdered. She was probably troubled by the same things—haunted by the depths of her own depravity, or at least her own actions, but she was doing what she had to do...for Tatianna. She owed it to her. The click-clack of her heels on the sidewalk announced her approach as she headed…where? Home? That was a laugh. It made her think of the first time—her first time, maybe her sister’s first time—on the streets and in the black flesh pits of San Francisco that served up watered down whiskey, easy women and the finest drug connections money could buy, cheat or steal.
Shrouded in the black lies hidden by the night, she did whatever she needed to do to find out what happened to her sister, even when it meant entertaining the sleaziest the streets had to offer. The rain always had that effect, kept the good ones home while the creeps washed out of every skank black hole. The things she’d done in the name of finding Tatianna’s killer would have sent her careening toward confession immediately after puking her guts out, but there was no time for that.
The police didn’t know and had no more leads. What else could she do? She had to find out. She had to help. At least, she had to try.
But, she got swept away in the trying, caught up in a life she no longer recognized as her own.
Rain pelted the street even harder as she continued along the sidewalk. It was getting harder to remember the differences between her sister’s face and her own. The details of Tatianna’s face seemed to fade more and more as time passed. Sometimes, she felt so lost, it was hard to remember why she was here. It was getting harder and harder…and easier, too. There were nights she couldn’t bear to think about who killed her sister and there were nights she could think of little else. She couldn’t believe the police actually laughed at her. Clearly, they had no intentions of doing anything. She was the only one who cared.
 The line between purpose and obsession became obscure. The fact that she was here proved she’d already crossed it.
For tonight, she avoided eye contact, her way of saying she was closed for business as she headed to her one-bedroom flat.
There was a wild thought afloat that nothing positive ever happens until you hit the very bottom of the abyss. Nothing positive had even begun to happen in her life. Guess she had further to fall, since she clearly had not hit rock bottom. Until then, she entertained herself with the thought of finding her sister’s killer and wiping those mocking grins off the police officers’ faces.
Brianna turned at the sound of a heavy, male voice across the street. Despite the rain, his tone made his intentions clear. She didn’t have to see him up close. Fan-fuckin’-tastic. Another creep. Apparently, she had one more interview to perform before the night ended. No names, no “what do you do for a living”, no talk about wives, lovers, divorces or kids. Those were her rules and if they wanted to fuck her, they did it on her terms and that included answering her questions.
The rhythmic thudding of heavy boots coupled with splashing water snatched her away from her thoughts to face the approaching customer. Sighing, she resigned herself to one more. Clear, simple, no muss no fuss…and no lying or kissing. She didn’t want to kiss the underbelly of society, and she didn’t abide lies well. They could save the lies and facades for someone else – someone who cared enough to keep things pleasant. She reached into her over-shoulder bag and whipped out Tati’s picture, always hoping against hope. Maybe this one would supply a lead.
Vengeance by John Ling
Maya Raines hated the idea of walking into a trap, but she decided to do it anyway. She was dressed in a Muslim robe — long and loose and rustling in the wind. Her face was covered by a veil. She carried a grocery bag as she moved along the sidewalk, being careful not to trip on the pockmarked concrete and scattered rubble. All around her, ominous black flags hung from the shopfronts and soared from the rooftops, declaring the rise of an Islamist caliphate. And just ahead, a roadblock had been set up, manned by jihadi fighters. A modified pickup truck — a technical — was parked on the intersection, with a machine gun mounted on its rear bed. Maya could hear Arabic being spoken in the distance. It sounded harsh and strident; completely different to the gentle melodic rhythm of the Malay language that she was used to. These men were foreign Sunnis. They had come from as far afield as Egypt and Libya, drawn to Malaysia by the promise of killing local Shiites. Maya felt the slow burn of anxiety in her stomach…
Facing the Past by Alexa Padgett
“Hank. Thirteen hours. At dawn, Jonathan, gone for thirteen hours.”
Hank turned toward Nancy, his look hollow. Nothing moved across his face, through his eyes. He tilted his head, marginally interested as she swallowed then gasped for air. Hank closed his eyes. “I can’t see any better in the dark than they can,” he said. “You heard the detective say they brought in the dogs. A helicopter from Fort Worth. It’s a full-scale search, almost everyone in town was out looking till it got too dark.”
A faint hum. Louder, a thwap, thwap overhead, a blinding spotlight. Again.
“They could miss him from up there.”
“We’ve already missed him,” Hank shot back, eyes glinting in the semi-darkness.
Nancy shrank back, away from him.
He lowered his head nearly to his knees. Inhaled, exhaled. “My son.”
Cicadas hummed, pressing their bodies against the house. Nothing could hold them together. Not with Jonny missing.
A whippoorwill called. Hank stood there, between the foyer and the living room where Nancy huddled.
“What are we going to do?” she asked him.
Another pass from the helicopter. A dog barking.
Hank hesitated again before seeming to consciously lift his leg to step into the room.
He lay his hand on her shoulder, fingers against her collarbone, his face telling Nancy he was too used up to do more as darkness crowded out the faint porch light.

Death and Damages
A Mystery and Thriller Collection
99 cents
24 Full Length Books ~ One Million Words

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo /