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Hi. I'm Dariel Raye, an interracial/multi-cultural paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and psy/suspense author, and every day of this journey is a learning experience. I'm also a counselor, musician, and animal lover. My stories are about all-conquering love and romance, and I enjoy hosting other authors as well. Enter a world where werewolves, vampires, multi-shifters, vamp-like Nephilim, Vodouin Fey, and all things paranormal capture our hearts...

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Current Edition Newsletter Picks

Broken dreams, an ancient enigma tainted by the past, a mystical bond beyond time and space.
Broken dreams, an ancient enigma tainted by the past, a mystical bond beyond time and space.
Thrilled about receiving funding for her new outreach program, Jaci meets Andreus and embarks on a journey wrought with mystery and answers to questions that have plagued her for years.

Dare to discover what lurks in the shadows in 22 **New & Exclusive** paranormal and urban fantasy stories from your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling authors. 
Under moonlit skies, witches, werewolves, vampires, demons, dragons, and more, battle not only for their mates, but to stay alive...
Fall for the alphas who play by their own rules despite the odds, whether century-old curses or forbidden love, or worse. For them, what lies in the darkness is worth the fight when it comes to romance.


Little does Greyson realize that the new nanny sent to him by 

Legendary Consultants is the very witch he is hunting. When the 

truth is revealed, can these two opposing forces find a way to listen 

to their hearts? Or will Greyson have to follow orders and kill 

Rowan–the one woman who has made his soul come alive?

War between supernatural forces brings with it a battle of trust and betrayal, and Calliope and Godric must discover if true love can break the spell—or if the curse will keep them apart forever.

"I have never resented Ivan’s good looks. But there are times, once 

I became of age to date girls and women, that I wish I could look 

more like him than myself. Women are not often quick to date a 


I was okay with that. Until now. Until Winter. She changed 


Ivan Petrov is a ruthless Russian businessman who is only six 

degrees off mob boss. He doesn't give a rat's ass about anything 

other than getting what he wants. And he wants Winter Rose, the 

prodigy opera singer, and is willing to torment her sexually until 

she begs for it. He could care less that Yury, his disfigured and 

most trusted guard has fallen for her.

Winter's Beast is one part sugar and sweet, two parts sex and 


It is not your typical Romance and although it has an HEA, it's a 

dark, twisty road to get there.

No amount of magic can separate those the Fates have bond together.

Alpha shifter Warrick has spent the last forty years in captivity, tortured and replaced by his sadistic twin brother, Gabriel. His only happiness comes by knowing that his sacrifice has protected his mate, Hope.

Hope has spent years believing that her mate betrayed her and killed her parents. But when she and her brother, Damien, attempt to defeat Warrick and take back their pack, Hope is surprised to find Warrick broken, beaten, and clinging to life. Her mate hasn’t betrayed her, after all.

Now the two long-lost mates have a chance to rebuild their packs - and their relationship. But Hope struggles to overcome years of misplaced anger and Warrick is crippled by guilt.

And Gabriel is still out there, waiting for a chance to strike again.

McCallister’s Paradise – Complete Series (Books 1 through 5)
5 books for 99 cents – regular price is $18.95!
At their tropical island resort, the McCallisters work hard. Life in Paradise should be perfect. These siblings are searching for their happily ever afters... but romance always seems just out of reach. Determined hearts won't be denied. When love is on the line, a McCallister doesn't fall halfway! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Cover Reveal: "Eye Of the Tiger" by Catherine Green

COVER REVEAL – Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel) – book 4 – by Catherine Green

 Jessica Stone used to be a normal human. Then she fell in love with a vampire, met his identical twin werewolf brother, and her life fell apart spectacularly. Meeting Detective Jack Mason, and his brother Danny, brought about a powerful change, and Jessica’s magic was released. Now, in Redcliffe book 4, she must learn to control her ethereal animal familiar, who lusts after the alpha werewolf, and will stop at nothing to use her human mistress as a tool... Or is that a weapon?

The Redcliffe novels series follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover the hidden werewolf secrets of her close friends. Who knew the Cornish coast could be so deadly?

Eye of the Tiger (A Redcliffe Novel) - coming June 2017


Find Catherine Green and her British paranormal novels in the following places:

The Pagan Housewife Blog: http://spookymrsgreen.com/

Have you discovered the Redcliffe novels? Sign up today, and receive your fabulous FREE book to get you started… (be warned, my vampires do not sparkle, and my wolves will bite!) 

Bitter Legacy by C.B. Clark

 by C.B. Clark

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ha! Are You Psychic, or What?

Source: Pinterest

If I were truly psychic, I certainly wouldn't have made some of the mistakes I've made in life; however, I'm excited about what I foresee in terms of my upcoming releases. The "Orlosian Warriors" novella, "Outreach," will be available for pre-order very soon, and close on its heels, "Gideon's Light: Orlosian Warriors Bk.3" will be available. Also, I've been working up to this for some time now, and I hope I haven't lost all my "Dark Sentinels" series fans: 

"Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish," will finally be available for pre-order early this Fall. I've stalled on this sequel because it was originally meant to be the last in the series. Since I've been working on it, though, it's morphed into something bigger, and one more book will be necessary after it. 

For now, though, take this fun quiz and share your results with me in comments. I'd better get back to writing :-)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

I love Tiffany Raiford's clarity in this statement. I'm a big fan of this wonderful breed, and the mistreatment and misuse these innocent animals have endured at the hands of evil, uncaring, ignorant people makes my heart bleed, not to mention the thousands of people who have been maimed because these people who, like Tiffany says, never should have owned dogs, trained these powerful, loyal, intelligent animals to fight and kill for survival. Pits are too often systematically abused, neglected, and forced to fight to please their owners until there's nothing left but the instincts of a helpless dog repeating the only behavior s/he knows to avoid pain and death.
My baby is a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix who has grown to be a powerful ball of energy. She's exceptionally intelligent, loving, and yes, very loyal. When we open the door, she has no interest in dashing out of it unless she's going to potty, or heading out with me for a ride, and if I'm resting, she stays close by, prepared to use her most fear-infusing voice to alert me to danger and warn off anyone trying to come close. She also has an uncanny ability to detect the source of, or at least the location of my pain. She thinks she's my nurse.

Click on the link following Tiffany's statement for a list of some of the most loyal dogs. I must say though, that I was disappointed when I didn't see another of my favorite breeds, the almighty, loving, fabulous Rottweiler.

Tiffany Raiford's statement:
Pit Bull
The pit bull has a bad reputation, but it’s not his fault. He’s gotten a bad rap because people with no business owning dogs are turning them into monsters, and it’s ruining their reputation. However, this dog was once known as the nanny dog because it is so loyal to its humans, and especially to children. It will do whatever you want it to do because it knows you are the one who leads him.
Original source: http://shebudgets.com/lifestyle/pets/dogs/most-loyal-dog-breeds/64358/4

Friday, June 9, 2017

"Apprentice Killers: Reaper Series Book 4" by Blak Rayne

Reaper series book 4 Apprentice Killers isavailable now!As Brody reflects on his life, he begins to realize that his mentor’sinfluence may have impaired his judgment.

Apprentice Killers

‘Two for the price of one.’


When Brody receives a cryptic message from the newest of the Snuff program

inductees, his memories are stirred. People and places, he hadn’t thought about

in years awaken the most dormant of his emotions, and the present becomes

blurred with the past. Not wanting to risk the life of the only person he cares

about, he leaves Zeus behind to fight the pharmaceutical giant, for what he

believes will be the last time.


Brody caught a glimpse of auburn hair—sunlit hues of radiant red. The young

woman held a bag of groceries to her partially exposed chest as she exited the

store. She had a vivacious air, bright smile, and perky bounce in her step that

caused her ponytail to swish her sun-kissed shoulders. He followed her out of the

supermarket into a parking lot lined with dry grass and giant trees. Most were of

the nut variety, and dehydrated seedpods littered the ground.

He sat on a wood bench, slats faded where the lacquer had rubbed off.

Screwed to the backrest was a dedication plaque in oxidized brass that read, ‘In

loving memory of Sadie Ketchum.’ He wondered briefly who Sadie Ketchum was

when he noticed subtle movement in his peripheral. “I knew a girl similar in

appearance,” he said.

The young woman got into a compact, blue, European-model car.

“When was that?” Zeus sat down on his right, dropped a bag of groceries

between his runners, and lit a cigarette.

“High school.”

“I get the feeling your memories aren’t pleasant.”

“Jessica Humboldt was a remarkable bully.”

“God, I can’t stand bullies.” Zeus flicked ash at the ground and took another


“Don’t misconstrue my choice of adjective. I despise those who prey on the

weak. But her strength of purpose fascinated me.”

“Well, good. For a moment there I thought you’d gone soft on me.”

He noted the mordant ring in his lover’s tone; Zeus was evolving. The more

confidence he acquired the more openly he spoke his mind. He watched the blue

car merge into the traffic. “She believed her superior intellect gave her privilege,

and she turned humiliation into an art form. She could pinpoint her victim’s

Achilles’ heel. It was the leverage she used to terrorize.”

Zeus looked at him. “So what did she do to you?”

The question didn’t catch him off-guard, however, it did trigger a physical

response. He felt an ache in the center of his chest that he could only associate

with an emotional loss. He’d experienced it just once before. “It isn’t what she

did, it’s who she did it to.”

Brody blinked slowly, and when he opened his eyes the environment around

him had changed. He was in the second-floor hallway of his high school, and a

girl with the same auburn hair was inside a nearby classroom. Jessica’s

expression wasn’t congenial like the smile of the woman from the supermarket;

instead, her mouth was curled in a vicious snarl. The girl seated in front of her

covered her face with her hands. Over a period of two semesters, he’d watched

Jessica systematically torment a number of students both male and female.

Jessica yelled and slapped the girl. Teary-eyed, the girl slid her tremulous

hands higher, shielding her head. The others teenagers in the classroom feigned

ignorance. They looked out the windows, buried their heads in books, or

continued to eat their lunch. No one dared to get involved. Brody didn’t feel

anything in particular for the victim. But he felt something simmering deep

within for the bully.

Rising from his slouched position against the wall, he stared at Jessica. When

she noticed him, she froze with her fist in the air, and her already stern lip line

soured to that of aversion. She grabbed her knapsack and burst into the hallway.

As he knew she would, she’d come to confront him. The coldness in her glare told

him everything, but he wasn’t fazed. Again, his mind elicited no emotional

response. And his heart continued to beat at a relaxed and steady rate.

“You’d better mind your own business, geek.” She jerked her thumb towards

the classroom. “If not, you’ll get worse than she did.”

“Prepare yourself,” he said evenly.

She stopped dead in the middle of the hallway and after a moment’s pause

turned around. “What the fuck did you say?”

Everyone in the classroom watched, their curiosity growing by the second.

“To simplify: you don’t scare me. Threaten her once more and I will kill you.”

She didn’t move, and she didn’t show any obvious signs of fear. However, he

did observe a slight tremble in her hand as her grip tightened on her knapsack

strap, and her pupils dilated. He sensed a rise in her pulse and a hesitation to

react. She was terrified and debating her odds.

Sliding his hands into his hip pockets, he bent closer and flashed a grin. “I

can see straight through you, bitch.”

She leaned backwards, trepidation growing in her eyes, and nervously

barked, “If you know what’s good for you—you’ll just stay the fuck away from me,


He watched as she strode to the end of the hallway and descended a wide set

of steps.

Zeus bent forward, dropped his butt, and mashed it under the grinding

pressure of his shoe. “I’m guessing she didn’t stop after that.”

“The trouble escalated. The only deduction I could make was that she’d seen

us together.”


“Cody and I.”

“I take it he was the high school boyfriend.”


Author Bio:

Blak Rayne is an author of gay romance. She loves to write and believes it’s

one of the greatest forms of self-expression. What better way to see inside the

human soul? Blak Rayne resides in Canada, and yes, she is a woman, wife, and

mother. She’s been writing and drawing since elementary school, and she loves

anything that involves the arts. As for family, her daughter is her toughest critic

and greatest support!

Blak Rayne
‘Taking erotic to a sinful new level.’

Visit her online!

Amazon: Blak Rayne
Smashwords: Blak Rayne
Xin Xii: Blak Rayne

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ever Felt Like You Don't Fit In? You Might Be an Old Soul

Updated from original post.

Ever felt like you don't fit in or you're not quite normal? If the answer is yes, you're probably an "old soul." In fact, I would venture to say that while the category is certainly not limited to people in any particular profession, most writers could probably be described as "old souls." In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that most artists (writers, musicians, visual artists, dancers) would describe themselves as such.

Another group of professions probably brimming over with "old souls" is the psychology group (social workers, counselors, psychologists, therapists, life coaches). It might be surprising to some, but we have quite a bit in common. There are reasons we write what we write, dance as if our lives depended on it, answer the calling to help others in distress, or get lost on a canvas or wrapped up in a musical composition, and it's certainly not for the money :-)

My Grandmother moved in with us when my Grandfather passed and I was two years old. In that sense, I was raised in an extended family. Both my parents worked long hours, so my Grandmother had a strong hand in raising us. From the time I was a toddler, she always commented about my "old soul."

Apparently, the designation is applied to people who have an awareness beyond the five senses, think not only outside the box, but beyond the norm, and generally spend their time striving towards self-actualization. Usually applied as a compliment, the beauty of being an "old soul" is easily missed by a child who doesn't fit in, often loses herself in colorful dreams, and always seems to have secrets others do not and can not understand. In other words, there's certainly nothing wrong with being a "young soul." I imagine "young souls" fit in a helluva lot better, to say the least.

Well, all that said, I found this really cool quiz I thought you might enjoy - not definitive, statistically sound, or scientific, of course, just fun. The quiz was created by Christopher of kosmiclife.com. Thanks, Christopher! Enjoy, and tell me about the "age of your soul" in comments ;-)


How Old Is Your Soul?
Your Result: Transcendent Souls
You're so evolved, you're not even here. Congratulations. These are people who are on their way to the next dimension and probably spend a lot of their time there already.
Mature Souls
Old Souls
Baby Souls
Young Souls

The Chauffeur by A.P. Hallmark

by A.P. Hallmark