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Hi. I'm Dariel Raye, an interracial/multi-cultural paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and psy/suspense author, and every day of this journey is a learning experience. I'm also a counselor, musician, and animal lover. My stories are about all-conquering love and romance, and I enjoy hosting other authors as well. Enter a world where werewolves, vampires, multi-shifters, vamp-like Nephilim, Vodouin Fey, and all things paranormal capture our hearts...

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Cimmerian Shade Boxed Set Author Feature: Savannah Verte

Get ready for 22 doses of hot, heart-pumping romance from the darkside with heroes and heroines to keep you turning the pages! Grab this 24-author set now for only 99 pennies! This is a limited edition, and the steal-of-a-price is for a limited time featuring stories from award winning, bestselling authors. 

For your reading pleasure, we'll be featuring each author with a story of her choice for the next few weeks. Some will include interviews, and all will include excerpts. Today's featured author is Savannah Verte.

Who do you trust when you learn those you trusted lied to you?

Everyday immortal Bree Brigand gets a rude awakening as her family is slaughtered. Not only is the cursed, suicide blade of legend and lore real, but it has chosen her. She must quickly learn to fast-track a course she’s never navigated, in a world she thought only existed in campfire stories. But, only after coming to terms with the facts…her family is not her family.

Truths and lies collide in a world where the hunters and the hunted trade places faster than she can discern who is which, and everyone is an assassin. Can she find and claim her destiny? Or, will being marked by a male who is not her one true mate ruin everything, and clip this dragon’s wings before she can become all she is meant to be?

I was shaking with rage, but dropped my voice to a whisper. “What do you mean, these are the assassins? What am I then, a spring lamb for the slaughter? Why would you bring me here?”
The next sound that came from her lips was something between a cackle of laughter, a sigh of exhaustion, and an odd bark. “Because Asa, in this world, everyone is an assassin. The difference between them, is which side they are on, who they work for, and if the price or prize is worth the risk. Right now, you are not a prize here. The safest place for you to be, is in plain sight, able to identify others. Out there,” her head jerked backward over her shoulder, “you’re the unknown, you’re the rogue, and you’re the potential pawn in a game you don’t know that you’re playing. Now that you’ve tripped into this world, and all but announced your presence, the only option to keep you safe, is to expose your throat while looking them in the eye, which simultaneously exposes theirs.” She reasoned.
“That’s insane.” I hissed.
“That’s the world you were born to. Your parents knew it. What they didn’t know, was when they became the target. I choose to think that if they had known, or had even the slightest indication, you would not have been conceived. But, they are gone, and here you are. I thought I had succeeded in keeping you from this world. I was wrong.”
“So you are saying that my parents were assassins too?”
“Hear me clearly. You come from a long line of assassins. Your world now is filled with them. Trust no one. You will be safe until the time you are not. Do you still think it was so wise to come here?” She challenged with her hand on her hip.
I was dumbfounded. Why in the world would my mother have told me to remember and find this? Surely she must have known. It made no sense. “Did they know?”
“The Brigands?”

Something to Talk About

There's so much I want to tell you about right now, I started to write it all down. It occurred to me though, that a picture really is worth a thousand words, so with the exception of a verbal explanation here and there, I'll tell you about it with pictures. I'm sure you can appreciate that, right? Much like my newsletters, every picture has a link, so just click on it and it will take you where you want to go.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Current Edition Literature Picks: 7/28/17

Abigail Montgomery was happy with her life. That was until the dark, handsome Desmond LaGrange showed up at the bar where she worked. How could she know that this mysterious man would end up saving her from the evil she didn't even know existed? 
Enter my world of heart-stopping ROMANCE!!
Paranormal Romance? Check! Hot, thrilling Suspense/Romance? Double Check!! What are you waiting for??
It’s time to join the journey! 

Feline shifter, Aleah Macleod, is excited to start work as a member of a supernatural research team—until she meets William Wolfe. The alpha shifter makes life on the team miserable for her, and she’s not sure why. As the pressure intensifies and the stakes increase, the only person she can turn to is Wyatt Masterson, a shifter she finds she has more in common with than she thought.
In addition to being a highly sought-after researcher, Wyatt Masterson has the ability to shift into the rare crocodile alpha. He tries to focus on the research, but finds himself distracted by Aleah Macleod. Not only does his respect grow for the sexy shifter, but so does his attraction. When she asks for help against William Wolfe, he readily agrees, but he doesn’t realize it will have devastating consequences.

My dreams haunt me. I feel as if I am falling into a pit of impending doom, but even that has not prepared me for the roller-coaster of emotions that flood over me when I'm near Phoenix. I have to keep my distance from her. I need to. It's the only thing I can do to keep from getting hurt again. Staying away from her proves to be a much harder task than I could have ever imagined. She's not only my assistant, she's half my age. She gets under my skin and irritates the shit out of me, yet, one smile, one laugh, and I'm melting into a puddle at her feet. Falling in love with her is a bad idea, a very bad idea because she just may be the one who breaks my heart for good this time.

Nico is my boss. He's demanding, bitter, brooding, and a downright bully at times. But, all that doesn't deter me from him at all because I can see the kindness and compassion in his eyes. I know the secret he's keeping from everyone and why he's so guarded with his heart. I don't care about his secret, nor do I care that he's twice my age. What matters is the undeniable attraction we feel for each other. If only he can just let go of the past and see what's right in front of him.

22 Stories one Low Price .99

A collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction young adult coming of age novels from New York Times, USA Today, International, Amazon bestselling and Award-Winning authors!

This action-packed boxset is filled with teen warriors who encounter queens, witches, wizards, werewolves, shifters, angels, and gods. Marked by Fate to complete these deadly and dangerous quests filled with nonstop action and adventure!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Author Cruse: Featuring Author Samara King

1.  If you (Play Baptiste) were deserted on an island, what would you take with you?  If I were deserted I would want my music with me, my drums, a good looking man and enough liquor to create my own party. I've never needed much or thought beyond the present moment...until lately with Preston. For the first time in my life, I actually feel like I am going beyond the norm, being stretched into never-never land. It's one thing to be living out this newfound fame with my band, Airi Moon, but love...I think it's love - it another thing entirely.

2.  Would you ever date someone completely opposite from them? If you have, what happened? The answer is a resounding "YES" for me, mega rich doctor Preston Stevens was as opposite as I can get. I mean here I am, a drum banging woman who grew up on the streets of New York, while I'm pretty sure he only takes care of people from the streets in the contexts of his emergency room! In truth, he gives me butterflies. I don't know what that even means! My longest relationship usually ends at the end of a tour stop with the band. He's throwing me off my game. You know, love em and leave em. It's always worked for me - until now.

3.  Use the first three words that pop into your mind to describe yourself? I would say I am creative, bold, down to earth.

4.  If you had a theme song, what would it be? I think I would be a cross of Miles Davis, Nina Simone, classic Rock and Prince. I don't think I could be narrowed down to just one.

5.  What is the hardest task you have ever had to accomplish? I think walking away from my past has been an uphill battle - continues to be, but out of the storm came my talents, my deep love for music and my capacity to believe that I was more than where I started. Realizing it is a part of me, but not the core of myself that is when I truly begin to breathe and live.


In my latest work, Press Play (a Rock Me Baby short read) Play Baptiste is a heroine after my own heart, broken from an unfair past and yearning for lasting love, much like the man she falls in love with Doctor Preston Stevens, who has ghosts of his own to overcome. Press Play is not the last you will see of these characters as they will reappear in the following three longer titles of the Rock Me Baby series, which follows the alternative R&B band, Airi Moon. The next book in the series is Fever Pitch.


Publisher:  Crave  
Genre: Suspense, African-American Romance   
Length: Novella   
Heat Level: Erotic Romance  
Themes: Bad girl with a love 'em and  leave 'em attitude meets her match with the sexy doctor


Drummer girl for Airi Moon, Play Baptiste is living her dream, loving life and her hot affair with ER Doctor Preston Stevens. Though they have a long standing no-strings, no-complications arrangement, Play can't help thinking of what her life would be like if she put down roots with Press.

Preston Stevens is a man who could have any woman he wants, only it's the bad girl drummer that sets his soul on fire and captures his heart. Their arrangement has worked out well for his chaotic schedule until the night Press is unable to save the woman his brother loves from a tragic car accident. In an instant, he is reminded that life is short and wants to grab hold of what he knows for sure:   his love for Play. 



Samara King is the author of over twenty published novels, novellas, short stories and as well as poetry. Since her days of sneaking romance novels to the back of the library in grade school; romance fiction has been a consistent staple in Samara's world, soon after, the desire to write her own tales unfolded. 

In 2011, she was nominated for Poet of the Year by African Americans On The Move Book Club.Samara has penned sexy tales for a host of publishers and also self-publishes under her imprint, Crave novellas. Previously she co-hosted SoundNOff, a poetic format for poets and spoken word artists and hosted InCharacterN10, a former showcase for authors on Blogtalkradio.com/samaraking. Samara’s first poetry collection, The Ebony Kryptonite, was well received and was followed with Stripped Barefoot, a sultry mix of poetry and spoken word, which went on to reach #20 in Chicago’s Top 40 on Reverbnation in September 2013. 

Readers may visit her website at: http://www.samaraking.com

Samara KingAuthor of Sexy Contemporary Romance
Website Blog Twitter 
Some are born into fame....others are led to it!Press Play, Now Available, Crave Novellas

Author Go, Giveaways, and Characters Behaving Badly

Lots of great things going on right now! I've been hanging out at Author Go all week, so stop by and visit if you get a chance: 

My author friend, the lovely and talented Samara Anisa King is hosting my author crush, and of course, I crushing on the hero from my latest release, "Outreach: An Orlosian Warriors Novella." His name is Andreus Shannon, and you know how it is once a man gets in your...ear. It's hard to resist him. Click here to read the post.

Now, for the two giveaways! Visit my Facebook page and click the giveaway tab to enter the "Outreach: An Orlosian Warriors Novella" and "Cimmerian Shade" UF/PNR 24-author boxed set.

There's one more giveaway, and you won't want to miss it. Last Days of Summer Mega Giveaway: a giveaway every 20 minutes. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Cimmerian Shade Boxed Set Author Feature: Decadent Kane

Get ready for 22 doses of hot, heart-pumping romance from the darkside with heroes and heroines to keep you turning the pages! Grab this 24-author set now for only 99 pennies! This is a limited edition, and the steal-of-a-price is for a limited time featuring stories from award winning, bestselling authors. 

For your reading pleasure, we'll be featuring each author with a story of her choice for the next few weeks. Some will include interviews, and all will include excerpts. Today's featured author is Decadent Kane.

1.   What makes your stories unique?
As with any author, creativity comes in plot and characters. I think what makes mine different is I don't put things together like other people…
Example: Elves and Orgasm curses.
Who thinks up these things?
Oh right- me. 😊

2.   Is there a common thread that runs through your books?

Other than romance? LOL. With my elves, it's the kind of trouble they get into. With my new series…well we are all gonna have to read and find out *winks*.

3.   Besides writing, what things are you most passionate about?

I'm extremely passionate about family, but I'm sure you expected that. What you might not expect is I'm also passionate about editing (my day job) and crafting.

4.   Not limited to writing, what do you believe to be some of your greatest accomplishments so far?

Greatest accomplishments so far?
Two beautiful girls who are super intelligent.
USA Today bestseller
Successful editing business (Wolfe Ross Editing)
Graduating College with BA in English

5.   Name a few of your favorites (colors, TV shows, movies, stars, songs, etc.)

Movie: A Knight's Tale
TV: Supernatural (Dean is drool worthy)
Song: P!nk "You & Your Hand"
Author: Kresley Cole gives me an author boner 😊

Torren is days away from competing in the Draconic Challenge and earning the prize he needs to complete his magic credence. His sky-high dream of apprenticing with the Ancients is finally in sight. The last thing this solitary moon dragon needs is a mate dragging him down to earth, and a human one at that. Not that his body will listen. Dovie is minding her own business—literally—when a handsome stranger walks into her bookstore.

One spontaneous orgasm later, she’s left with no choice but to close up shop. The last thing she needs is an overbearing dragon dragging her to his mountain and telling her to shelve her dreams in favor of a stupid contest. Not that her body will listen. Torren and Dovie must fight their treacherous attraction to each other or sacrifice their ambitions forever. But moon dragon magic doesn’t choose lightly, and when darker forces shatter the peaceful mountain enclave the dragons call home, human and moon dragon alike will have to reconsider just what they need to achieve a happy ending.

Without thinking too hard on it, she reached up a shaking hand. Would his skin feel like a human’s or a reptile’s? When her flesh met his cheek, it was surprisingly warm and soft, human. His skin shimmered again with yellow brown scales, like a ripple of water, and then it was gone. Electricity shot up her arm.
Dovie jerked her hand back. The current sizzled straight to her core, heating her entire body, and she fell to her knees, moaning. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as a lash of energy continuously lapped between her legs until it crested on the wave of a spontaneous orgasm. It crashed over her, curling her toes as the spasm slowed. Her breath came in short gasps and her hands shook as they held her up on the floor.
What the fuck was that?
“I think you need to come with me, Dovie.” The moon dragon had knelt down beside her. He didn’t try to help her up and she decided that was perfectly fine. She had no idea what had just happened, and until she did, she wasn’t sure touching him was a good idea. Her body had reacted to him, dramatically. She had no control and that scared the crap out of her.
Still in shock, she sat up. She wobbled as she stood, holding her arms out for balance. Once she found it, she gathered the nerve to look at him again. “I’m not sure I should.” She met his eyes. They hooded over with what she assumed was either desire or anger. He had a death grip on the book, his knuckles white. “I don’t even know your name.”
“Torren, and the choice isn’t exactly yours to make anymore, Duv.”
For more from Decadent Kane, visit her on the web:
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Decadent-Kane/e/B00HAO0VVW
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/decadentkane
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DecadentKane
Website/Blog: www.decadentkane.com