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Hi. I'm Dariel Raye, an interracial/multi-cultural paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and psy/suspense author, and every day of this journey is a learning experience. I'm also a counselor, musician, and animal lover. My stories are about all-conquering love and romance, and I enjoy hosting other authors as well. Enter a world where werewolves, vampires, multi-shifters, vamp-like Nephilim, Vodouin Fey, and all things paranormal capture our hearts...

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Author Cruse: Featuring Author Samara King

1.  If you (Play Baptiste) were deserted on an island, what would you take with you?  If I were deserted I would want my music with me, my drums, a good looking man and enough liquor to create my own party. I've never needed much or thought beyond the present moment...until lately with Preston. For the first time in my life, I actually feel like I am going beyond the norm, being stretched into never-never land. It's one thing to be living out this newfound fame with my band, Airi Moon, but love...I think it's love - it another thing entirely.

2.  Would you ever date someone completely opposite from them? If you have, what happened? The answer is a resounding "YES" for me, mega rich doctor Preston Stevens was as opposite as I can get. I mean here I am, a drum banging woman who grew up on the streets of New York, while I'm pretty sure he only takes care of people from the streets in the contexts of his emergency room! In truth, he gives me butterflies. I don't know what that even means! My longest relationship usually ends at the end of a tour stop with the band. He's throwing me off my game. You know, love em and leave em. It's always worked for me - until now.

3.  Use the first three words that pop into your mind to describe yourself? I would say I am creative, bold, down to earth.

4.  If you had a theme song, what would it be? I think I would be a cross of Miles Davis, Nina Simone, classic Rock and Prince. I don't think I could be narrowed down to just one.

5.  What is the hardest task you have ever had to accomplish? I think walking away from my past has been an uphill battle - continues to be, but out of the storm came my talents, my deep love for music and my capacity to believe that I was more than where I started. Realizing it is a part of me, but not the core of myself that is when I truly begin to breathe and live.


In my latest work, Press Play (a Rock Me Baby short read) Play Baptiste is a heroine after my own heart, broken from an unfair past and yearning for lasting love, much like the man she falls in love with Doctor Preston Stevens, who has ghosts of his own to overcome. Press Play is not the last you will see of these characters as they will reappear in the following three longer titles of the Rock Me Baby series, which follows the alternative R&B band, Airi Moon. The next book in the series is Fever Pitch.


Publisher:  Crave  
Genre: Suspense, African-American Romance   
Length: Novella   
Heat Level: Erotic Romance  
Themes: Bad girl with a love 'em and  leave 'em attitude meets her match with the sexy doctor


Drummer girl for Airi Moon, Play Baptiste is living her dream, loving life and her hot affair with ER Doctor Preston Stevens. Though they have a long standing no-strings, no-complications arrangement, Play can't help thinking of what her life would be like if she put down roots with Press.

Preston Stevens is a man who could have any woman he wants, only it's the bad girl drummer that sets his soul on fire and captures his heart. Their arrangement has worked out well for his chaotic schedule until the night Press is unable to save the woman his brother loves from a tragic car accident. In an instant, he is reminded that life is short and wants to grab hold of what he knows for sure:   his love for Play. 



Samara King is the author of over twenty published novels, novellas, short stories and as well as poetry. Since her days of sneaking romance novels to the back of the library in grade school; romance fiction has been a consistent staple in Samara's world, soon after, the desire to write her own tales unfolded. 

In 2011, she was nominated for Poet of the Year by African Americans On The Move Book Club.Samara has penned sexy tales for a host of publishers and also self-publishes under her imprint, Crave novellas. Previously she co-hosted SoundNOff, a poetic format for poets and spoken word artists and hosted InCharacterN10, a former showcase for authors on Blogtalkradio.com/samaraking. Samara’s first poetry collection, The Ebony Kryptonite, was well received and was followed with Stripped Barefoot, a sultry mix of poetry and spoken word, which went on to reach #20 in Chicago’s Top 40 on Reverbnation in September 2013. 

Readers may visit her website at: http://www.samaraking.com

Samara KingAuthor of Sexy Contemporary Romance
Website Blog Twitter 
Some are born into fame....others are led to it!Press Play, Now Available, Crave Novellas

Author Go, Giveaways, and Characters Behaving Badly

Lots of great things going on right now! I've been hanging out at Author Go all week, so stop by and visit if you get a chance: 

My author friend, the lovely and talented Samara Anisa King is hosting my author crush, and of course, I crushing on the hero from my latest release, "Outreach: An Orlosian Warriors Novella." His name is Andreus Shannon, and you know how it is once a man gets in your...ear. It's hard to resist him. Click here to read the post.

Now, for the two giveaways! Visit my Facebook page and click the giveaway tab to enter the "Outreach: An Orlosian Warriors Novella" and "Cimmerian Shade" UF/PNR 24-author boxed set.

There's one more giveaway, and you won't want to miss it. Last Days of Summer Mega Giveaway: a giveaway every 20 minutes. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Cimmerian Shade Boxed Set Author Feature: Decadent Kane

Get ready for 22 doses of hot, heart-pumping romance from the darkside with heroes and heroines to keep you turning the pages! Grab this 24-author set now for only 99 pennies! This is a limited edition, and the steal-of-a-price is for a limited time featuring stories from award winning, bestselling authors. 

For your reading pleasure, we'll be featuring each author with a story of her choice for the next few weeks. Some will include interviews, and all will include excerpts. Today's featured author is Decadent Kane.

1.   What makes your stories unique?
As with any author, creativity comes in plot and characters. I think what makes mine different is I don't put things together like other people…
Example: Elves and Orgasm curses.
Who thinks up these things?
Oh right- me. 😊

2.   Is there a common thread that runs through your books?

Other than romance? LOL. With my elves, it's the kind of trouble they get into. With my new series…well we are all gonna have to read and find out *winks*.

3.   Besides writing, what things are you most passionate about?

I'm extremely passionate about family, but I'm sure you expected that. What you might not expect is I'm also passionate about editing (my day job) and crafting.

4.   Not limited to writing, what do you believe to be some of your greatest accomplishments so far?

Greatest accomplishments so far?
Two beautiful girls who are super intelligent.
USA Today bestseller
Successful editing business (Wolfe Ross Editing)
Graduating College with BA in English

5.   Name a few of your favorites (colors, TV shows, movies, stars, songs, etc.)

Movie: A Knight's Tale
TV: Supernatural (Dean is drool worthy)
Song: P!nk "You & Your Hand"
Author: Kresley Cole gives me an author boner 😊

Torren is days away from competing in the Draconic Challenge and earning the prize he needs to complete his magic credence. His sky-high dream of apprenticing with the Ancients is finally in sight. The last thing this solitary moon dragon needs is a mate dragging him down to earth, and a human one at that. Not that his body will listen. Dovie is minding her own business—literally—when a handsome stranger walks into her bookstore.

One spontaneous orgasm later, she’s left with no choice but to close up shop. The last thing she needs is an overbearing dragon dragging her to his mountain and telling her to shelve her dreams in favor of a stupid contest. Not that her body will listen. Torren and Dovie must fight their treacherous attraction to each other or sacrifice their ambitions forever. But moon dragon magic doesn’t choose lightly, and when darker forces shatter the peaceful mountain enclave the dragons call home, human and moon dragon alike will have to reconsider just what they need to achieve a happy ending.

Without thinking too hard on it, she reached up a shaking hand. Would his skin feel like a human’s or a reptile’s? When her flesh met his cheek, it was surprisingly warm and soft, human. His skin shimmered again with yellow brown scales, like a ripple of water, and then it was gone. Electricity shot up her arm.
Dovie jerked her hand back. The current sizzled straight to her core, heating her entire body, and she fell to her knees, moaning. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as a lash of energy continuously lapped between her legs until it crested on the wave of a spontaneous orgasm. It crashed over her, curling her toes as the spasm slowed. Her breath came in short gasps and her hands shook as they held her up on the floor.
What the fuck was that?
“I think you need to come with me, Dovie.” The moon dragon had knelt down beside her. He didn’t try to help her up and she decided that was perfectly fine. She had no idea what had just happened, and until she did, she wasn’t sure touching him was a good idea. Her body had reacted to him, dramatically. She had no control and that scared the crap out of her.
Still in shock, she sat up. She wobbled as she stood, holding her arms out for balance. Once she found it, she gathered the nerve to look at him again. “I’m not sure I should.” She met his eyes. They hooded over with what she assumed was either desire or anger. He had a death grip on the book, his knuckles white. “I don’t even know your name.”
“Torren, and the choice isn’t exactly yours to make anymore, Duv.”
For more from Decadent Kane, visit her on the web:
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Decadent-Kane/e/B00HAO0VVW
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/decadentkane
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DecadentKane
Website/Blog: www.decadentkane.com

Healthy, Satisfying Munchies: Frozen Peanut Butter Treats

I'm always on the lookout for satisfying comfort food that's relatively good for you, and playing around with peanut butter and yogurt led me to this quick and easy treat. Hope you enjoy it! 

Frozen Peanut Butter Treats
4 Tbsp. PB Fit
2 cups plain Greek Yogurt OR Vanilla Light and Fit Yogurt
2 oz. Raisins
2 oz. Cranberries
2 Tbsp. Organic Ground Chia Seeds (I use Spectrum)
4 Tbsp. Manuka Honey or more to taste (you'll probably only need this if you use plain Greek yogurt)
4 tsp. Cinnamon
2 tsp. Ginger
Ground Oats (optional)
Unsweetened Almond and coconut milk (I use Almond Breeze or Silk) - use only if you add oats 
2 ice trays

How To Prepare

1. Mix first 8 ingredients well in a quart-sized mixing bowl
2. If you choose to add oats, add almond and coconut milk slowly, 1 tablespoon at a time until mixture is easy to mix. Mixture will be slightly lumpy because of the oatmeal and peanut butter.
3. Use mixture to form small balls and place them in the ice trays. Mixture will spread as it freezes, so allow a small amount of extra room in each ice tray compartment.
4. Freeze for 4 hours.
5. Enjoy!
6. Refrigerate or refreeze remaining treats.

That's it! Oh, and it's gluten-free.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Help! Sometimes There's Just Too Much To Remember

Drafted my Thunderclap, had it all set up. Days passed...too many days, and I started to wonder "what's taking so long?" Turned out I drafted it, but forgot to submit it! Anyway, now I need your help. Please support and share my "Outreach: An Orlosian Novella" Thunderclap. I'm forgetful, but I will be ever so grateful for your help :-)  http://thndr.me/k9Dkpu

Friday, July 21, 2017

My Not So Secret Obsession: Game Of Thrones

Since its first season on television, when the direwolves were found, I've been hooked on this extraordinarily written, emotionally wrenching saga with its expansive scenery and brilliant composers. If you haven't yet seen George R. R. Martin's masterpiece come to life, this post should get you started or at least intrigue you, and if you're already fan, you'll still enjoy it. The show not only has a fantastic cast, but it has wolves and dragons. Who could ask for more?

I read the books and own the set, yet this series still manages to surprise me. I've been predicting what will happen on TV based on what happened in the books, and I can't wait to find out whether or not my theories are correct. In season 7 now, I believe there should be 2 more seasons after this one. The video below helps justify my obsession with the series. Tell me what you think after you watch.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cimmerian Shade Boxed Set Author Feature: Muffy Wilson

Get ready for 22 doses of hot, heart-pumping romance from the darkside with heroes and heroines to keep you turning the pages! Grab this 24-author set now for only 99 pennies! This is a limited edition, and the steal-of-a-price is for a limited time featuring stories from award winning, bestselling authors. 

For your reading pleasure, we'll be featuring each author with a story of her choice for the next few weeks. Some will include interviews, and all will include excerpts. Today's featured author is Muffy Wilson.

1.    When did you start writing?

 I wrote from my teens, I guess. I majored in English in high school and college. When I got into the workplace, much of what I did required that I write proposals, proformas, tutorials, presentations and all sorts of marketing guides and brochures. Those were some of the most enjoyable aspects of all my jobs as I rose through my career. As I rose in management, I exercised my creative writing with reviews and appraisals. I really didn’t start writing fiction until 2010 when an old high school boyfriend came back into my life and “inspired” me. It has been a love/hate relationship ever since! Love in that I love my readers and fans that enjoy my work and encourage me and hate in that so much time for us Indys is required marketing all our hard work. Now, I know a lot about marketing and have done it all my life, but it requires time, and that time is taken away from what I love most about what I do—writing.

2.    What makes your stories unique?

 I would like to think that my love stories reflect life. That they are believable and intriguing. Life’s complicated, messy, fun, loud, intricate, exasperating, multi-layered and a lot going on. One day you’re up the next day, you aren’t. The thing about writing is it is a way to get away but it is still familiar ground. That’s why we identify with, or fall in love with, or hate the protagonist or antagonist. I want my stories, whether they are romance or paranormal, to ring true to a reader, to draw them in and captivate them until the very last page. My work has often been compared to Anne Rice and the Bronte Sisters, so it tends to the floral and descriptive. It is like stringing word after word together like pearls and when done, you have an elegant piece of jewelry. It is painstaking and requires thoughtful deliberation. But that, for me, is the fun. I want you to feel the sun on your face, the glint of broken glass in the window as it streams across the room to your face and warms you. It isn’t enough that it is light and warm out. So for me? I want my readers to experience my writing. And I hope they do.

3.   Is there a common thread that runs through your books?

 No, not per se. I try not to write cliff hangers, that the story resolves, but in the two-book series, I want my readers to be satisfied, but curious about what happens in the nest book without being frustrated with the first book. That said, all my books are about love for example, in The Para-Portage of Emily, love spans a century and a seafaring ghost is unsettled in the afterlife, returning night after night to reunite with the wife he lost in childbirth. It is a gripping tale and complicated with riveting twists and unsurprising turns written in a style that would be common in the time but set in contemporary surroundings. Other of my works are fully contemporary provocative love stories.

4.   If money was of no concern, what would you envision as your perfect lifestyle? (where would you live, what would you do all day, etc.)

Fortunately for me, I am living my life in the manner and style that suits me. I am comfortable, loved and have a new wee pup, Buddy. He is a pure white 2 year old Havanese we rescued with a brown nose and amber eyes. It is so much fun having him with us. He is so sweet and loveable. We miss our wee Burt, but I know Burt would want us to honor his memory by giving another homeless pup the life that Burt enjoyed. So, I am very happy right where I am doing what I am doing with the people I love around me.

5.   Besides writing, what things are you most passionate about?

 I love to cook and I used to love to travel, but not so much anymore. I have really become a home body, working writing and helping other authors promote and market their own work. I enjoy my friends both in the flesh and online. I have met some wonderful people in my travels. My father was in the Air Force and we lived everywhere between Alaska and France. I came of age in France nearly driving my parents to the brink! And language. I speak French and Spanish is my next personal improvement project, when I get caught up with all my writing projects.

6.   Not limited to writing, what do you believe to be some of your greatest accomplishments so far?

In my writing, I have made the USA Today Bestsellers List three times for my work, Amazon and International Bestseller a few more times and awards for my work. It has made me very proud and humbled. Yes, there’s a but…
I consider myself a work in progress no matter how old I get. I hope I am a better person, day by day. I hope I have become more generous, more loving and forgiving, of myself and others. I hate confrontation, but being an ambitious woman in the 70’s there was a lot of confrontation. In my “real Life” I rose, without a college degree, to become the youngest, Midwest Regional Director for IBM in the Real Estate and Construction Division in Chicago. That’s a mouthful! Anyway, I was 36 when I was promoted to that position and transferred from San Francisco. Married for less than a year, my husband and his 14-year-old son followed me and we started a new life together. It was exhilarating, hard, long hours and huge rewards. But my crowning accomplishment was become Vince Jr’s mom. If God took me tomorrow, I would be satisfied that He had allowed me to be the mother to what became a fine young man of whom I am so proud.

7.   Name a few of your favorites (colors, TV shows, movies, stars, songs, etc.)

Red is my favorite color, it’s passionate. I love the music of The Little Sparrow, Edith Piaf/ She is passionate, too! I’ve always loved The Good Wife on television but I am obsessed with Investigation Discovery. I get hooked on all the stories of swamp murders, cold cases and the endless pursuit of good over evil. I love golf, Manhattans, dinner at home and the company of my husband of 32 years. Each year is an amazement to me and a joy beyond my expectations.

Was it fate, design, or—perhaps—black magic? Who’s to say?

It was sensuous, erotic, insatiable as they fought to extinguish the passions that flamed their heat by indulging in every desire that swept them into one another’s arms. Their shared hungers fanned an appetite no amount of indulgence could satisfy.

Was it love at first sight? Perhaps. Many thought it might have been the work of the unscrupulous Sea Witch, Hermione, long a bitter and banished King’s Court Matron. So, was it the crafty wiles of Hermione, scheming to seek her sordid revenge or was it a simple matter of serendipity? All we know for a certainty is that two young royals, one landed and one not, met during a raging storm as fierce and intense as the love they would none too soon escape. Was it fate, design, or—perhaps—black magic? Who’s to say? What we do know is that it was sensuous, erotic, insatiable as they fought to extinguish the passions that flamed their heat by indulging in every desire that swept them into one another’s arms. Their shared hungers fanned an appetite no amount of indulgence could satisfy. After all, it happened…Once upon a time…

Later that evening when ship went dark and quiet, the sea turned pitch-black and started to roll with silent insistence. This was great fun for the little princess as she rode the waves with searching eyes once more into the cabin windows. She found her prince, again, and to her delight, he saw her as well. Locking eyes, she bobbed with the tossing waves and reached out to him as he leaned out and extended his hand. She ignored the darkening sky until the crack in the sky of lightening drew her attention. The young man withdrew his hand and pulled himself back into the cabin as he gathered himself to out of the cabin to his men on deck. The winds rose and the sails unfurled, bellowed from the night fury. She heard commands and screams as the ship rolled and ropes unfurled to do their work. Alarmed, the young princess grew scared for all aboard the ship as she stayed alert to avoid being hurt herself.
The sea was viciously dark against the waves as they uncurled in a white so brilliant and speckled with iridescence, they resembled the most valuable of pearls. The white rolling waves crashed down upon the swells of the ocean with a loud and resounding smash, then danced quickly across one to another until the wave expired, only to be followed by another and another, then another. It seemed, as she rode the waves cautiously, that the waves were building strength, that the sound of them crashing onto the swells was getting louder, building to a fevered pitch bringing with it a foreboding of disaster. Her fear for their safety was mounting and upper most in her pounding chest was her search, rising with panic, for the young elegant man. At once, a wave curled over the ship, sending men into the sea and causing Saira to lose sight of her prince.
The violent seas were perilous even to the princess herself, so as she looked for him quickly, but deliberately, she was careful of waves tossing debris, trunks, ropes, planks, harpoons and other tools, and bodies in tumbling masses to her front. When the center mast broke, the furious wind brought it down on the middle deck splitting the ship nearly in two, pitching everything into the gaping darkness of ocean.
Frantically, the little princess searched the shifting wreckage for her prince. She knew not his name so could not call out to him, not that he would have heard her over the resounding force of the ferocious seas. She felt something, or someone, hit against her tailfin and when she spun to check, it was the disappearing outstretched hand of a sailor. She could not save him, the dark grasp of the sea pulled him away from her so quickly. When she finally spied the prince, his eyes were closed. His arms and legs dangled from his limp and tossing body, now weaken by his fight for survival. He appeared lifeless and sent Saira into a heightened fear as his body could not bear his weightless life and he drifted slowly to the waiting onyx depths below.

Thank you so much for visiting with me today. I look forward to hearing from you. You’ll see all of my contact information below and various ways of staying in touch. In the meantime, blessings from Southwest Florida, otherwise known as Paradise.
For more from Muffy Wilson, visit her on the web: