Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon by Sky Purington

Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon

Series Overview

Long before the dawn of time on Midgard, or Middle Earth, war raged on the fiery world of Múspellsheimr. Dominant, restless creatures that were half man, half dragon forever struggled for more power. Two factions rose above the rest, crushing their opponents until none rivaled them but one another. Of equal strength and might, they fought for hundreds of years until the great serpent Níðhöggr met his end in the jaws of his double-headed rival. As he lay dying, the mighty dragon used the last of his magic to ensure his lineage would not be extinguished but resurrected by a dark prophecy. In his need for vengeance, Níðhöggr cursed his enemy, vowing his serpent offspring would someday destroy his nemesis and his descendants. Therefore, he might from the afterlife, at last taste the glory of victory through his ancestors. And so the story goes…

Viking King’s Vendetta
Book One

Taking a few months to reflect on what she truly wants from life, Emily returns to her family home in Winter Harbor, Maine. Yet she should have known her ties with ancient Scandinavia and those with dragon blood would catch up with her. Moreover, that her connection with the man she loves would be impossible to ignore. Something soon proved when he pulls her back in time to tenth century Norway.

Determined to help his people defeat a dark prophecy, Viking Sven Sigdir returns to his homeland to find two regions minus their beloved kings. Leaderless, both clans look to Sven to rule. Though willing to rise up, he must first uncover the root of the prophecy. That means reuniting with the woman who holds his heart and setting forth on a perilous journey.

Sven and Emily navigate not only their feelings for one another but the burgeoning prophecy that might take it all away. Will they be able to conquer their new adversary before it’s too late? Or is this just the beginning of something that will change life as they know it? Join them as they embark on an action-packed adventure ripe with sizzling passion, epic battles, dynamic characters and powerful dragon-shifters.

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