Fun With Taxes

This week, I've got taxes on my mind, so thought I'd share the excitement with you :-) Hope you enjoy this quick, 200-words maximum flash!

Tax Preparation
Quiet. Everyone else is gone for the day. Black is too obvious. No, no black for this one. I’ve done my research and his favorite color is blue. I press my nose to my wrist – Cool Water for Women. Mmm. I smell so damn good I wanna fuck myself!

Courage is fickle, flies away as quickly as she landed. Powder blue lace thong with matching bra, silk stockings, electric blue wrap dress hugs my figure to perfection, navy blue stiletto sling-backs, hair loosely pinned so heavy ringlets of dark auburn can drop and bounce at the small of my back in seconds, oh, and I almost forgot – my tiny Fukuoko butterfly clipped to my thong in just the right spot to graze my vulva and clit sporadically, adds a healthy flush.

I grab my files and prance down the hall to his office, my little butterfly adding just the right swivel to my full hips, that zing traveling outward from my center like electrified tentacles. I can’t wait to wrap my legs around his waist, toss his glasses away, and...well, I'm sure your imagination can fill in the rest.

Tap, tap. “You still up for doing my taxes?” I ask, then smile as I push the door open. His shirt is open, pants nowhere to be found, lips quirked up, and hair unkempt in his supreme nerd fashion that nearly stops my heart. 

Looks like he’s prepared to do more than my taxes. Guess we both had the same thing in mind.


Muffy Wilson said…
You had me at Cool Water. That's the only thing I have in common with your young entrepreneur. Be still my heart! You should see how I dress to see my CPA and it isn't like that! Beautifully done, as usual. Great imagery, especially the butterfly. Say...where can I get one of those? <3 xo
Unknown said…
Mmm why did you make it so short? I would have loved to read a lot more 😉