Flasher Friday: "The Traveler"

It's glorious Friday again, and do we have an awesome pic and several tales for you! When you're finished here, check out my friends' versions, here. 

The Traveler

“If you’re married, just tell me. There’s no need to make up ridiculous tales, Michael.”

Michael dropped his head, glancing at her one more time before turning to walk away, but just as she started to step inside the apartment, he caught her wrist, frightening her at first, until she looked into his eyes, a question on her lips.

He took full advantage, covering her mouth with his own, his hard body pressed against hers, and she breathed him in.

Lost in his touch, his scent, warm sandalwood, his taste, spicy, addictive, she dismissed the sensation of falling, the ground dropping away. 

Moments later, she opened her eyes in another time, surrounded by candles, torches, and people she’d never seen before.

Michael held her hand, speaking to a cloaked man. “You may begin.” 


Naomi Shaw said…
Oh don't stop there! Excellent flash. Keep the story going
Cora Blu said…
You are good woman.
Muffy Wilson said…
WoW, Dariel, you are so clever....I am not sure where they ended up, but my instinct tells me it isn't gonna be good. Is she the guest of honor? Intriguing flash. I love it! xo
Dariel Raye said…
Thank you for your kind words, Ladies :-) This could very well become or at least be added to a story, Naomi, and you're right, Muffy, it isn't good...at first. There's always hope for romantics, though.
Dariel Raye said…
Cora, you are a rare gem :-)
More there has to be more!! Oh wow! This had me hooked. Great flash!
Anonymous said…
I'm with the others. I need to know what happens next!! Fab flash, Dariel :D