Dariel's Flash Friday Stop: "Captured"

Another Friday, and we're at it again - flashing sexy for you in 100 words. Take a look at my friends' posts, too.


My heart stops. Apparently this huge masculine masterpiece has the same effect on every woman at the ball, as each of them stands still, lips parted.

Our eyes meet, and he smiles, a slight upturn of his full lips, just enough to offer a glimpse of pointed incisors.

I gasp, unable to warn him as he continues moving towards me, and I hear the guards move in unison, bustling towards my masterpiece, stakes drawn.

His proposition. “Your place, then?”

Moments later he’s deep inside, bowing, thrusting, eyes closed. 

I tilt my hips, sliding along his delicious shaft. My vamphyre has been captured.  


Raven McAllan said…
Personally, and this is a very personal thing, I don't like reading first person.
However you have thrown up so many questions, I want to know more...
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks, Raven. This pic brought an entire story to mind :-) I know exactly what you mean about first person. Ironically, I used to find it a turn-off, too, but find I enjoy it especially when writing flashes and shorts. Puts me in the character's mind immediately.
Anonymous said…
Oh I like. You need to expand this for sure, Dariel :-)
Muffy Wilson said…
Yes, writing first person is delicate, but submersion is also hella exciting. And this was just that, very exciting. Loved it. xo
A very engaging excerpt, Dariel. Sounds smoking hot. You're right about first person working for short stories. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, intriguing. And now I have to google that way of spelling vamphyre!
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for you encouraging comments, Doris, Muffy, Stella, and DK :-) So many stories can be told with this pic. This was a fun one :-)
Naomi Shaw said…
Fast moving, excellent flash. You conjure up an exciting scene with great visuals and leave loads of questions. You need to continue this story