Dariel's Flasher Friday Stop: "Obsessed"

Happy Friday! This pic is just too story-worthy to pass up. Once again, my Flasher Friday friends and I join to offer our various takes on one inspirational picture  in 100 words. When you're finished here, take a look at theirs as well. You won't be disappointed :-) Enjoy!


A door closing. The snick as he locks it.

Oh, my God what if he sees me?

What the hell am I doing here?

I thought he worked tonight, sure I saw it when I checked his schedule.

Just wanted, no, needed to see what his place looked like, imagine myself in it, maybe having dinner or…

His footsteps are getting closer, and now here I am hiding in his damn closet like I belong in a mental ward.

Please don’t open the closet.

But I know he will. His place is neat, everything in place.

He slides the closet door open and our eyes meet.

Wouldn't you just love to know what happens next? Might have to revisit this one in a short story :-) Mia Darien and Tricia Schneider are hosting me today, so please stop by and give them both a holler.
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Angelica Dawson said…
Oh, how creepy! I love the anxiety and the obsession. It is no less uncomfortable for her stalking than it would be for him. Fantastic.
Holy shit! You have me wondering what happens there. Awesome flash!
Naomi Shaw said…
Aha! Secrets will out! Great take on the pic. Wonderful flash
Anonymous said…
Oh, what happens next? You can't leave it there!! Great flash :-)
Muffy Wilson said…
I friggin' LOVE this flash. What a wonderful mind you have, so...so...creative and inventive. So, okay. I am tense and anxious and you did that is a mere 100 words just eavesdropping on private thoughts. Funny, even in her anxious effort to hide, because she really means no harm, she still notices that he is neat. I love your work. xo
OneUniqueWoman said…
loved it you can see it unfolding in you rmind as you read well done...T
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for the encouragement and support! You peeps are AWESOME :-) This pic is so wonderful because it tells so many possible stories.
d said…
Nicely done, Dariel! What a sneaky little minx she is... wonder what happens now, now that she's been caught out..?