Dariel's Flasher Friday Stop: "Sunshine"

It's Friday again, and my friends and I are using the pic below to offer our various takes in 100 words - no more, no less. Hope you enjoy. Click here to check out my friends' flashes as well. It's always surprising that such a wide range of tales can be spawned by just one inspiring pic.

Her laughter awakens feelings long buried, rolling brooks, tinkling chimes.

She found me in a dreary place, a dark haven for lost souls. I watched her, unable to avert my gaze. What would she do, what would I do once she reached me.

In my lifetime, over 2,000 years, I never experienced this…love, but Sunny knew I thirsted.

She straddles me and joy embraces the darkness – pillow fighting, she calls it. The idea is ludicrous, but, you see, I tasted her for the first time last night, her light my first glimpse of  day in over 2,000 years.

I live again…


Angelica Dawson said…
A rather dark telling for a light picture. I understand her being his light, but your phrasing definitely draws the fun out of the image and puts it into a deeper realm.
Naomi Shaw said…
Wonderful take on the pic. Really different. O love it
Julian Spong said…
Excellent flash dark and written perfectly