Dariel's Friday Flash: "Gateway" - "Again"

Tantalizing Tuesday

Welcome to another Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser. As usual, we're flashing with an inspirational pic and maximum 200 words. Here's my pic for this week, and please stop by to check out my friends' teasers when you finish :-)

"Gateway - Again"

“Again” commences immediately, his fingers taking a stroll from the soles of my feet, making tiny circles along my calves, slowly massaging my inner thighs and caressing my folds, already slick, a welcome mat, and I gasp. “I don’t do this! I never do this.”

My brain is quickly overruled when he lifts me like a feather, which I most definitely am not, and carries me to the shower.

I once understood the need to save myself. Now…not so much. His essence overwhelming, infiltrating every corner, my single-minded, traitorous core blossoms, quivering to receive him again.

He smiles, water flowing in sheets, no comparison to the tumultuous waves pummeling against my inner walls, imaginary fingers fluttering against my clit, molding me to fit when he plunges inside. “V’s” walls dance in simultaneous submission/possession, grasping, clutching.

Vesuvius erupts from my center, shrapnel flying violently outward, knees buckling, but he steadies me. Enthralled and vaguely aware of his facial features shifting, changing, piercing gray eyes and a wicked smile the only constants during his welcome invasion, I close my eyes, unwanted questions surfacing.

“Let go,” he whispers, bending me over for full access, each stroke burning hotter than the last. “Ask your questions.”


Anonymous said…
The shower sex scene reinvented. It's fresh, hot and satisfying - even steamier than the beautiful image. Very well done.