Five Star Review of "Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin" From PRG



Novella:  Torin
Series:  Dark Sentinels - Book 2
Author:   Dariel Raye
Publisher:  Dariel Raye
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Rating:  Adult

Stephanie Bates is a real estate lawyer. When Torin DuMont enters her office for an appointment, Stephanie's life will never be the same.  In spite of the fact that Steph's office called to cancel the appointment, he insisted on waiting until she would see him.  When she finally saw him all she did was throw him out.  Not one to take no as an answer, he waits outside her office for her, only to see her being assaulted by three men.  The minute he saves her, he realizes that this human has somehow gotten his defenses down and he is attracted to her. 
Torin is a werewolf and an alpha sentinel. The only alpha sentinel to be with a human is Sable, and his woman Akila.  What chance is there for him to have a relationship with a human, especially one that has no idea what he really is?  He needs Steph to protect the Wild Lands making it a federal preserve and sanctuary, but he can't get over his need to help her.  When her apartment is broken into, he takes her to his home.  What does she know that is causing people to want to harm her? 
Stephanie moved to Florida after she found her father dead.  For the first time since that happened, she feels safe with someone. Torin is that someone.  She realizes that even though there is so much about Torin she doesn't know, she has fallen in love with him. Does he feel the same?
In this book we are also brought up to date on what happened with Sable and Akila.  Their relationship is a long distance one, and she wants more, but will Sable see it her way.  She wants marriage and a life with him but will his pack accept her?  He has finally agreed to take her to his home and introduce her to everyone in the pack. Has she finally gotten what she has always wanted? 
Of course, in addition to the romance between the sentinels and their women is the ever present feeling of doom.  The sadistic Mr. Moore is still capturing wolves and using them for his evil purposes.  Torin's wolves have gone missing, and Sable has come to help in any way he can, but will it be enough? 
This was every bit as wonderful as the first, romance, sex and the constant presence of evil.  Will Torin and Steph find what Akila and Sable have?  Is there hope of a mating between a sentinel and a human? Are they compatible enough to have children together?  Well, I can't wait for the next book so I can get some more answers and meet another hunky alpha and another amazing potential mate.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Susan B. Anna said…
Totally loving the Dark Sentinel saga... Hot, spicy and intriguing.
Dariel Raye said…
Thank you SO much, Susan :-D