Dariel Raye's Fridays with Friends! Meet Author Chantel Rhondeau's Zach

I’m here with Zach Woodbridge, who appears in Chantel Rhondeau’s new release Always & Forever. So, Zach, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m an author, like you. I’ve been writing how-to books about sailing, but I’m working on my first mystery novel. [D1] 

Congratulations. I hope your novel does well. In fact, let me know when you release it so I can get a copy! Now, If you don’t mind, can we talk a bit about a rumor I’ve been hearing? I understand you’ve recently started dating Lilly Price.

(Zach grins and runs his hand through his hair) Yeah. I like her a lot. I had a hard time to get her to go out with me at first, though. She thought I insinuated she was a prostitute. Talk about a mess.

A prostitute?

She needed money, I needed a date. Hmmm… it does sound bad when you say it out loud like that. No wonder it pissed her off.

I can imagine. I bet you’re watching what you say to her more carefully from now on.

Well, I try. But you know redheads… Lilly’s a bit fiery in temper and I seem to always stick my foot in my mouth around her.

 Hmmm. You’re a writer – why do you think that is? (sticking your foot in your mouth around her)

I’m pretty nervous. I haven’t really done a lot of dating recently. I just want things to be perfect, but she misunderstands my intentions.

[D2] So why do you think she finally agreed to go out with you?

(He laughs) Well, I hope it’s because I’m so irresistible. At first, I worried she might only be dating me to keep her job. Did you know she works for my grandma? Anyway, Lilly says that’s not the reason. She says she really wanted to date me. I hope that’s the truth.

How are things going with Lilly, now?

Actually, it could be a lot better. My ex-best friend, Curtis Crandall, has been sniffing around her, asking her for dates. If I could get her to agree to make things exclusive between[D3]  us, I’d rest a little easier. Also, Lilly’s reluctant to talk about her past, and she is so afraid of being touched by me. If I didn’t know better, I’d think someone abused her. She changes the subject when I ask. I worry sometimes I won’t ever be able to have something real with her because of how guarded she is.

Are you sure she wasn’t abused?

I’m not sure of anything (narrows green eyes for a few seconds before he continues). I don’t know if we can work things out if she can’t learn to trust me. I need to tell her about my relationship with my wife. Maybe then she’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Your wife?

No, no. I mean my late wife. I was widowed three years ago.

Oh!  That clears things up. I’m sorry to hear you lost your wife, but what is it about your relationship with her that you need to tell Lilly?

Well, since I’m pretty sure Lilly’s been hurt in the past, it might help her to know what happened to me. Maybe if she sees I can relate to her… I don’t know. Maybe she’ll trust me more. Victoria and I, we didn’t have a real marriage. We jumped into things too soon. I don’t really want to go into all the sordid details. Let’s just say that bastard, Curtis Crandall, couldn’t keep his hands to himself. I don’t want him anywhere near Lilly[CLM4] .
You seem a little tense, Zach. Maybe we should change the subject. I know you’re good friends with Chantel Rhondeau. Do you happen to know what she’s doing next, now that she’s not hanging around you and Lilly anymore?

Oh, yeah. She headed to some small town in California. She’s hanging out with this cop named Donovan and a school teacher--I think her name is Madeline? Anyway, from what I hear, Madeline found a body on the beach. The other police officers are starting to suspect Donovan may have made that body--if you know what I mean.

Wow. That sounds interesting!
Yeah. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you asking her more about it. She didn’t tell me a whole lot since I’ve got my own mysteries to solve (smiles).

Well, I’d better get back to Lilly. She’s noticed someone following her lately, and she received a threatening phone call the other night. I’m afraid the person who blackmailed her in the past might be after her again. I don’t want to leave her alone for too long.

Oh, I understand. It means a lot to me that her safety is so important to you. I hope you find out something soon.
Thanks. Lilly doesn’t really trust the police, but I’m doing everything I can to help her. We’ll figure things out.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today.

Sure thing. I was happy to do it. Have a  good day.

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Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Chantel! Welcome to Musings of An Independent Artist :-)
Thanks so much, Dariel! I really appreciate you having Zach here today. You are the absolute best!
Dariel Raye said…
So are you, Chantel! Come back anytime :-)
Rachelle Ayala said…
Wow, Zach didn't seem that insecure in the novel. It's fun to get behind the scenes with him. thanks for the interview!
Dariel Raye said…
Isn't it fun to really get inside their heads? Even his insecurities are dreamy, though :-)
Anonymous said…
This was a fun interview to read.
Thanks everyone for reading!
Unknown said…
lets get this party rolling.. come on people post in here... Dariel Raye has a couple books out.. but she knows I want more of the sentinels... Sable and Torin are so hot....