Interview with Captain Jonathan Hackett from "Sweet Redemption" by Susan Macatee

Jonathan, I've been looking forward to this for some time. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
1. First, let’s dispense with the formalities. What is your full name?
Captain Jonathan Hackett

2. Where are you from?
I was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1832.

3. Vampirism – that must be frightening. How did it happen?
Just recently, I was pinned down by Rebels on the battlefield at Fredericksburg. All of my troops who hadn’t escaped had been killed or died and I was left alone until a strange man came to my aid, or at least that’s what I thought. But he attacked me and shortly after, I began to exhibit an aversion to daylight and a craving for blood. All attributes of a vampire.

4. What are you going to do?My immediate plan is to protect Mrs. Emery, the widow who took me in, and fight off the creature, who did this to me. I can’t allow him to harm her.

5. I understand that you left the church. Tell me about that.
Sighs. I fear I lost my faith and couldn’t live a lie. I left and, when the war broke out, I joined the Union army.

6. Do you think leaving the church and being bitten by a vampire are related in some way?I’m sure my sin of breaking my lifelong vows caused God to turn his back on me and send this demonic creature to take my soul.

7. How can you make a life with Maddie Emory with impending vampirism looming over you?I’ve decided I can’t and have to leave, because my cravings for her will doom her as well.

8. Don't you think you can be what she deserves?
I wish I could, but there can be no future between us. At least that’s what I believe.

9. I'm sorry to hear that, Jonathan. If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?
My only wish is that I could have met Maddie years ago before I took my vows and could’ve made a life with her.

10. How do you want this conflict to be resolved?
My hope is that by destroying the vampire, this curse can be reversed, but if not, I only wish for Maddie to live and find another man who can take care of her and love her. I want her to be happy, even if it must be without me. Shakes head.

Thank you for speaking with me, Jonathan. I pray that things will work out for you and Maddie.

Susan, thanks for visiting with me, and good luck with Sweet Redemption.

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Susan Macatee said…
Thanks so much for hosting my hero here today!

And I'd like to add, anyone who comments on this post today will be entered in a drawing to win a pdf copy of Sweet Redemption.

I'll announce the winner tomorrow.
Dariel Raye said…
It's a pleasure having you visit, Susan. The timing of Sweet Redemption is so perfect. The pdf winner will be very pleased :)
Margaret Tanner said…
Wow Susan,
What an evocative interview. Sort of left me shivering, but in a nice kind of a way.
Susan Macatee said…
Thanks, Margaret!
Although I normally write straight historicals or time travels, it's fun to play around with vampires now and again. LOL.
Mary Ricksen said…
I have a feeling that I can assure your hero everything will work out just fine.
Sandra said…
Great Interview!! Looking forward to reading Sweet Redemption :)

** bookjunkee00
Anonymous said…
What an interesting interview! Wow...there is nothing else to say,
Susan Macatee said…
Thanks for the comments, everyone! The winner of the pdf download of Sweet Redemption is Patsy!

Contact me at so I can send your prize.
Dariel Raye said…
Congratulations, Patsy! Thanks again, Susan for visiting the last couple of days.