Author Mary Pritchard has Caught My Eye!

Ghostly Mistakes
Lizzy planned to make this mission short and sweet, but thanks to her client, Carl Taylor's inability to provide details, it looks as if she was in for an extended adventure. A dangerous farmer with buried secrets, and the zealous accusations of a lady's church group keep her on her toes. If all this isn't enough to complicate her task, her growing attraction to the highway patrolman who caught her speeding, adds spice to the brew. If she doesn't solve the puzzle left in her hands, she could find herself stuck with Carl for life. Oh, did I mention he isn't a paying customer? Well, being a ghost does limit your financial abilities.

Jaguar Nights
Can the calming energy of a human empath prevent a dangerous, untamed weir leader from destroying his pard? Will Cole be the answer to Syndee’s longing for acceptance and a home, or will he be her destruction?

For more information about Jaguar Nights, Mary's newest release click here.

For more information about Ghostly Mistakes, click here.

Here's an Interview with Mary...

1. Tell me about when and how you started writing professionally.

I started writing for publication about six years ago. I went to a reader’s convention and decided I would try and write a book. I came back and immediately started writing. Took me four months to write an 80,000 world book.

2. Did you always want to write, or was your decision more of an epiphany?

I have always written or at least since I was around 10 years old. I would write stories to entertain myself. I loved to read and would write stories about how I would have done something I had read about. I quit writing when I started working and then started back again about 15 years ago only to quit again after a year of trying.

3. Where do you get inspiration for your characters/stories? Give examples from some of your stories.

I dream about some of them and some of them I talk to, learning about them as I write. For example, I started writing about Gavin in See How They Die and then talked with him to find out more about him before I finished the book. I dreamed about Coal from Jaguar Nights and wrote what I dreamed about.

4. Experts say we often build characters to fulfill our fantasies/desires. What characteristics do you desire in your main characters (hero/heroine)? Give examples from some of your stories.

I like strong Alpha characters who expect their women to be strong as well as need their help. I want the men to be capable of most anything and almost be dark but the strong heroine can save them even as the hero saves her.
In Jaguar Nights, Cole is a dark dangerous hero who needs the strength of Syndee’s love to keep his dark side under control. She makes him into a better leader and man.
In Leopard Dreams, Zack is a dark protector hero who’s love is a strong woman/cat both in need of help and able to help him balance is job as First in his pard and his need for love.

5. What do you find most fulfilling about writing? Most challenging?

Seeing my books come to life as I write them. I write from the gut. I don’t outline, though I will jot down things I plan to happen sometimes. It really gets to me when I finish a book and feel like I told the story like it needed to be told.
Most challenging? I suppose the editing process is my most challenging problem. I hate that part but it is very important. I love my baby so much I hate to pick it apart even though it is to make it the best it can be.

6. I’m sure you could write a book about this, but writing is a journey. What advice would you give to those just embarking on the journey?

The most common answer is to write. Just write. Another answer is to accept criticism with a tough skin and learn from it. It hurts for someone to suggest big changes but don’t get angry and ignore them. Seriously think about what they have said and take from it what you can. If you get the same thing from several other writers, you should really listen to it. It’s hard but you will grow as a writer.
Another answer is to read what you like to write and write what you enjoy reading.

7. What are some of your most cherished resources?

I use the Internet quite a bit for research but books are my first love so I have a very large library of resource books concerning what I write. The dictionary and synonym books are really important to me.
I also appreciate critique partners. You need one if you can find one that suits you. It’s not easy.

8. Any helpful hints on balancing self, work, family, and writing?

I am one of the worse people to ask this question. I’m not married and have no children so I can’t imagine how people with kids find the time to write. I write at night and on weekends around my job. I am an avid reader and have to choose many times between the two. It’s not easy.
You need to take time for self because if you don’t, you can’t take care of your family and you can’t write when you don’t.

9. I agree whole-heartedly. Actually, our writing schedules sound similar :) What do you do to re-energize, restore, and recover?

Read, read, read. I also spend time with my zoo. I have seven cats and two dogs. They relax me and help me think about my stories. Exercise is a great way to relax but I am an avid lazy person and tend to put that off for as long as I can.

10. LOL. You have a zoo, too? I have three large house dogs, and yes, they definitely keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground. They're wonderful. I don't see how people live full lives without them. Tell me about your WIPs.

I just finished a round of edits for Book Two of Tales of the Cat. It’s called Leopard Dreams. The first books was Jaguar Nights which is now out.
Leopard Dreams is a continuation of Jaguar Nights with different main characters .
I’m also working on a series of short stories concerning a pack of wolves who are considered outsiders from the main pack. Each short story will be about one of the pack and their trials and falling in love.

It's been a pleasure having you visit with me today, Mary. Here's wishing you a thriving writing career and many sales!


Sandra Sookoo said…
Your books sound interesting, Mary. Cat shifters are quite popular right now :-) I even wrote a book about them. I always admire writers who can do the suspense thing. It trips me up every time I try to write it LOL

Best of luck in sales!
Mary Ricksen said…
More books on my to be read list!

Love shapeshifters especially Feline ones. Good luck!
Susan Macatee said…
Hi, Mary! Great advice! I hate having my stories picked apart too, but they always end up so much better when I listen to the advice of editors and other writers.

Your hero in Jaguar Nights sounds intriguing. Best of luck with your newest release!!
Margaret Tanner said…
Hi Mary,
Nice interview. I like the sound of your stories,suspenses are always a good read if they well written, and yours sound as though they are.

Autumn Shelley said…
Helllllooooooo Ladies!!
So glad I found you, and sorry I'm checking in late, I just wanted to pop in and say 'Hello'!!
Dariel Raye said…
Mary's books are definitely on my "to buy" list. Not to betray my wolves (especially not with Autumn on the board :), but I'm a cat shifter fan, too. Thanks for stopping in, Ladies! Mary, it's been a pleasure having you visit.