Flasher Friday: "Run"

Another wonderful Friday, and we're flashing away as usual in 100 words. Take a look at my friends' versions here. Enjoy!

Ashe propelled his well-trained body through the dense woods.  I have to get to her in time, he thought.

He pressed on, despite pounding footfalls and the sound of guard dogs barking behind him, each step faster, more determined than the last. Images from the last few days flashed across his mind. Ashe had spent months training for this grueling course while the others stood by and watched, apparently curious enough to leave him in relative peace – a first.

Emerging from the trees, he faced the steep mountain, then threw off the state-issued, striped overalls, buried them, and began to climb.


Anonymous said…
Oh, I love your take on this. I'm willing him to get away :-)
Muffy Wilson said…
This took off like a rocket and I fought to keep up. The pace, the urgency the determination all gave me gooseflesh as I forged ahead. Loved it. So explosive. So purposeful. Great read. xo
I hope Ashe gets to her in good time with all that adrenaline. Engaging snippet, Dariel.

Miss you lots.