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L.J. Kentowski

What’s Happening Now? Interview with L.J. Kentowski
1.    First, looking back, how do you feel about your 2013 goals and how well did you do in reaching them? What helped or hindered your success? My writing goals for 2013 really fell on their face, or rather I did. I had planned to get Book #1 of a new series out, but more than halfway into it I hit a wall in my writing. I started another idea flowing in my head, but that gave way to the incessant hankering of the characters from my 1st series, the Fate Series, to finish up their story already! (ß That was their exclamation point, by the way) My goals were definitely hindered by the loss of one of our family pets, and then a new puppy (whom I like to refer to as Satan's Spawn), and just generally a more aimed focus on family time, but the real failure to meet them stems from my procrastination. I was full of it! Thankfully, I'm back on track now J
2.    Life happens, and every writer is subject to its effects (positive or challenging). What personal (spiritual, emotional, physical, professional) life changes do you foresee affecting your writing this year? I'm a huge goal person, especially now that I've proven to myself that I can do anything I set my heart to. I've learned that no matter what you do, life doesn't stop around you; you just have to learn to flow with it and add some of your own flair. Physically, trying to do it all is hard! Oh my god, it's draining sometimes! But if I look to those I admire, both authors and just people who never gave up and achieved their dreams, I know that I can accomplish anything I want as well.
3.    What have you learned about yourself recently as a writer (one random thing)? I've learned that I spend WAY too much time thinking and not enough time doing. I need to turn my self-editor off.
4.    How many books have you published (include anthologies)? Tell me about them (genre, bibliography) I have 2 books out right now: Guardian Of Fate, which is book #1 in the Fate Series, and Seeker Of Fate, which is the second book in the series. The Fate Series is an Urban Fantasy series, with a touch of Paranormal Romance in the mix. It centers around the life of Cassandra Cosgrove, who has a gift from the Angels that helps her save innocent mortal souls from Hell's demons. As if her life weren't crazy enough fighting the Good fight, she begins to learn she might not be who she thought she was, and she's got some sexy alpha demon guys after her that just might steal her heart before they get her soul.
5.    What can we look forward to from you in 2014 (special projects, books and anthologies of course) I'll finally get the third book in the Fate Series out in 2014! I'm planning to have Angel Of Fate released by mid-to-late summer, 2014. So excited for it! Then I'll be finishing up Book #1 of the new series, another Urban Fantasy series, which I've started already. I might dare to get that out by the end of 2014 as well. I love this one. The main character, Lexie, is as snarky as they come. And the male lead? Reis… *sigh* He makes my toes curl just thinking about him!
6.    Which of your books would you suggest to someone new to your writing and why? Definitely Guardian Of Fate, because it's the first book in the only series I have out ;)
7.    What’s your favorite online hangout (complete link – only one)? I'm always on my Facebook Fan Page. I love to hear from readers and interact with them! Even if it's not about books!

Thanks so much for having me today!!! I had a blast!

Catrina Barton

What’s Happening Now? Interview with Catrina Barton
1.    First, looking back, how do you feel about your 2013 goals and how well did you do in reaching them? What helped or hindered your success? Pretty good. I didn't get quite as much out as I'd wanted, but I've made a lot of progress.
2.    Life happens, and every writer is subject to its effects (positive or challenging). What personal (spiritual, emotional, physical, professional) life changes do you foresee affecting your writing this year? I won't have as much free time to write in.
3.    What have you learned about yourself recently as a writer (one random thing)? It takes a lot of patience to be an effective author.
4.    How many books have you published (include anthologies)? Tell me about them (genre, bibliography) Two {so far.} Dangerous Temptation is a NA/PNR. 17 year old Kaitlin Sinclair loses her father overseas and ends up traveling halfway across the world to live with an uncle she never knew existed. While there she discovers things about her life and her parents that make her question everything she knows, while helping a Mysterious handsome stranger {Cadmon Quinn} face his past and learn to lead his people {The Caspians.}. Never Forget is a YA/Christian short story about a real event that changed my life and reknewed my faith in mankind when I was 15.
5.    What can we look forward to from you in 2014 (special projects, books and anthologies of course) I hope to have a few short stories released {some more Christian YA's and a couple short stories about Kaitlin's life before Dangerous Temptation.}
6.    Which of your books would you suggest to someone new to your writing and why? Never Forget. Because it resonates with a lot of my readers, while reminding them there is always hope.
7.    What’s your favorite online hangout (complete link – only one)?

LaVerne Thompson

It’s so great to be a part of the reunion blog here with Dariel and the other authors. Last year I had a lot of changes in my life and I’m focusing on the good stuff. My oldest began her sophomore year in college and my youngest her freshman year. We all survived. More than that they’re doing great! Because I know that I’ve been able to write quite a bit without worrying, well not all time lol, about them. I’m looking forward to 2014. I’ve got a lot of things planned. The second and third books in a couple of series. More New Adult, but with a paranormal twist, more fantasy, more romantic suspense, more sci/fi. LOL. Really just more. For now, let me tell you about my second book in my Ballerina Series. Maze-Ballerina Series Book 2. A New Adult Contemporary romance.

Maze-Ballerina Series Book 2
By LaVerne Thompson writing as Ursula Sinclair

A new adult contemporary romance



There are times in life when you have to make decisions that others will neither understand nor forgive. When that happens, then you make damn sure they never find out.

But no matter what, you will do anything to protect those you love. Even if it means you forfeit your soul.


He’s keeping something from me. And I’m not sure I want to know because it will forever change us.


Have you ever killed anyone?
My breathing remained steady, my heart rate even, but the chemical rush from the adrenaline had blood rushing to my head. The sound of our blades gliding off each other was not a silent one, but the thunder and lightning ensured no one would hear or be inclined to venture out into the downpour this night. We were hemmed in on both sides by the brick walls of the buildings, with just enough room to maneuver. The filthy alleyway only wide enough for a dump truck to back down into was made even worse by the torrent of water washing over it. Nothing could clear the stench of death creeping around us.
I’d deliberately chosen the time and this place for the confrontation. This was a blind alleyway only one way in and one way out. Barely visible from the street and there were no windows on the sides of the buildings. Just one door from the back of the restaurant near the dumpster. On a night like this, the weather also helped, we would be uninterrupted. No one was stepping out for a smoke. But at the end of the night, the trash at the restaurant still had to go out.
I swore huge fat drops of rain poured down from the heavens beating at me, soaking through the clothes I wore. Trying to drive me away from the course I’d set. I ignored it all. My body was ready, waiting, my mind bent on one course. It was too late for any other.
The iron door opened to the right of the dumpster I hid beside, and my breath paused for a moment—only one person could be behind it.
I moved silently out from the shadows. As soon as he saw me he dropped the trash bags he carried and pulled a knife from his boot. He knew damn well why I was there. I stepped toward him, compensating for the slippery ground with my treaded boots but also my balance. I’d trained on many different terrains so this was not an issue for me, but I couldn’t say the same about my opponent. He’d already revealed his weakness to me by his crouching stance. His weight would be off if he lunged on such a slick surface.
My body ran cold at what I was about to do. I raised my own blade and beckoned him forward. The glow from the outdoor lighting reflected in his dark hate filled eyes. We were about the same height and built and our goals were the same. But from there we differed. Jai fought better than he ever had or ever would again; because he knew this time he battled for his life. As did I.

To find out more about me and my work visit:

R. L. Naquin

                       Take a closer look!  

Five Things I’ve Learned This Year

2013 has been a wild, twisty ride of dreams fulfilled, weaknesses discovered, and adventures undertaken. I may be a grown woman with two grown kids, but I’m not so old that I can’t learn some things. Here are five of those things:

1.     I am capable of far more than I ever thought I was. A few short years ago, I didn’t think I could write a whole book, let alone put out two books a year. Somehow, I ignored the self-doubt and got the books done—plus some short stories, a few promotional pieces, and numerous blog posts. I wrote a lot of words this year.
2.     Public speaking still isn’t something I enjoy, but I did not spontaneously combust during either my radio interview or the two panels I was on for various events. This is a personal win of enormous magnitude. I did not die.
3.     If you forget to put the rest of the flour in the banana bread, put some cream cheese frosting on it when it’s done. No one will know you screwed up and didn’t mean to make banana cake instead of banana bread. In conjunction with this lesson—don’t try to Bake All the Things when you’re trying to meet a deadline lest your head implode and you can’t remember how to pronounce the word “nutmeg.”
4.     When you’re on vacation, avert your eyes when someone flashy approaches, otherwise you might get suckered into a four-hour timeshare pitch. I have to admit, though, it wasn’t a total waste when this happened to us. I used it in my next book—only, you know, with supernatural creatures trying to pull off a scam. Also, Bigfoot is involved. I was not so lucky in Branson, Missouri. Mine was a garden-variety timeshare pitch that sapped the life out of my mind, body, and soul.
5.     Nobody is giving out prizes for “Person Who Did Everything Herself,” and there’s no martyr award for “Woman Who Turned Down Help From Everyone Who Offered.” My husband might tell you that I still haven’t totally grasped this, but I’m learning. I have to let people help me when I’m overwhelmed. Or maybe before I’m overwhelmed—that’s probably the other half of the lesson. The side lesson—learning to say “no” when there’s too much on my plate.

I learned many things during the past year, but a lot of it is still churning around, waiting for me to finish processing it. Next year will be filled with crazy adventures, a brand new series to write, and a dump truck of fresh lessons to learn.

Come along for the ride and share what you’ve learned. Maybe we can save each other some time—or at least give each other a virtual fist bump or two along the way.

Here’s where you can find me:

Rachel is the author of the Monster Haven series—Monster in My Closet, Pooka in My Pantry, Fairies in My Fireplace, and (coming in April) Golem in My Glovebox. She writes stories that drop average people into magical situations filled with heart and quirky humor.
She believes in pixie dust, the power of love, good cheese, lucky socks and putting things off until the last minute. Her home is Disneyland, despite her current location in Kansas. Rachel has one husband, two grown kids and a crazy-catlady starter kit.


P.T. Macias

Redfox, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias
Redfox, Razer 8 operative mission is to infiltrate the Police Commissioner’s office and home. He has 72 hours to gather the intel on the Commissioner’s dirty business.
Redfox charms his way into the Commissioner’s home, throwing him into the arms of his soul mate. The unexpected love rocks his world and the success of mission.
The Commissioner’s daughter, Marsha Diane Bryant is a lovely sweet young girl. She falls under Redfox spell and unconditionally bestows her soul.
Redfox fears losing his soul mate in the process of completing his mission. Can their love survive the storm?
The next day Redfox strides into the office. He smiles at Mary Jo, the receptionist. “Good morning,” says Redfox.
“Morning, Mr. Campbell,” replies Mary Jo, smiling. Dang, that man is hot.
Ron walks out of his office to talk to Redfox. He strides across to walk into Redfox’s office. “I want you to review all of these policies to make sure that we have them entered into the system. Bryant likes to review them on the laptop and not on paper,” says Ron.
“Sounds good,” replies Redfox, nodding.
“Separate the files that are not in the system. I’ll show you where to enter the new policies. You sure work fast. I’ve been biding my time to get close to Marsha Bryant,” says Ron. He glares at Redfox.
“Right, I don’t want to talk about my girl. That is your issue,” says Redfox.
Ron stands contemplating Redfox for a few. He clenches his fists with rage and storms to his office. He closes the door with anger.
Redfox raises his eyes to look across the room. He shrugs and he starts looking for the files in the system. Fucking jerk is stupid. He never had a chance with my Honey. Yeah, this is so boring, but oh, well. That’s what I’m here for. Damn, this is going to kill me, he thinks.
The task keeps him busy all morning. He’s surprised to see how time has passed. He stands to stretch, raising his arms up.
Marsha walks down the hall. She walks into the office, smiling at Mary Jo. ‘I’m going to talk to Mr. Campbell,” says Marsha, smiling.
“Yes, Ms. Bryant,” replies Mary Jo, nodding.
Oh, yeah. My Baby is in his office, thinks Marsha. She walks up silently to hug him.
Damn, someone is creeping up to me, he thinks. He swiftly turns to grab Marsha and pushes her against the wall. He stares into Marsha’s startled eyes.
Oh shit, it’s my sweet Honey. I’ll be damned. I need to remember that I’m here in an office, he thinks. He smiles quickly to hide his aggression.
“Omg, Scott, you scared me,” says Marsha, blinking up at him.
“Honey, I only want to steal a kiss,” replies Scott. He closes his eyes half way down. He zooms down to kiss her, leaning into her.
Hmmm, I love his kisses, she thinks. Marsha raises her arms and wraps them around his neck.
Hell, yes. She’s sweet. I love my Honey girl, he thinks. He pulls back to grin.
“Honey, is it lunch time?” asks Redfox. “Let’s go have lunch. I can’t wait to spend some time with you.”
“Oh, Baby, yes. I want to have lunch,” agrees Marsha.
Redfox smiles and takes her hand. He laces his fingers with hers. They walk out of the office. They wave at Mary Jo as they walk by.

I love writing about drama, suspense, and intrigue. I throw in a dash of love and passion. I’m intrigued with the different types and depths of love.
Love is powerful and motivates an individual in diverse dimensions. I’m fascinated with the physiological, spiritual, and psychological process that love creates. The range and facets of love that an individual is capable of feeling is what I strive to illustrate in my stories.
My champions are amazing. They’re intelligent, sexy, and passionate men that love with their entire being.
The lovely ladies in my stories capture their heart. They’re smart, sexy, and full of love. My ladies blossom, mature, and complete my heroes.
I write in the present tense because I believe it puts the reader "IN" the action, rather than as part of an "after thought". I believe it brings the characters to life!
I wrote my first series, the De La Cruz Saga, in one year. The saga has a subtle influence of Spanish and the Spanish becomes more laced (as the story progresses).
This is my voice, my style. Dare to read the awesome De La Cruz Saga that’s full of passion and suspense.
Enjoy my new Razer 8 series. It’s about action, adventure, passion, and romance.
My Tasty Sexy Mexy Recipes cookbook is done. I hope you enjoy the recipes. Get your copy!
My latest greatest project is my new paranormal series, Tequila 10.
Tequila is a special operative team that works for the government. This series has paranormal operatives. They’re several different species. The government doesn’t have a clue that they’re another species. They believe that the operatives only have special telepathic, psychic, and supernatural abilities. That’s why they were recruited.
Tequila operatives have their own agenda. They’re the paranormal enforcers. They monitor and protect the humans from the renegades. Oh yes, of course there’s love, passion, and suspense.
I was born in San Jose, California. I currently live in Sacramento, California with my family. I have three children. I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. I love to read romance and paranormal.
I've always dreamed of writing and I’m extremely happy to be achieving my dream. I wanted to write since I was young. My characters are my best friends. They’re always talking and living in my mind and dreams. I would tell you that writing is my passion.
I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management Administration.

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