Book Talk Wednesdays! Introducing Vallory Vance

Meet Vallory Vance! Vallory is visiting with her steamy new release, "Music For Her Soul," today. I met Vallory at SheWrites, and we've stayed in touch since. As usual, links are below, and I also grabbed a pic (not quite them, but a representation) of the beautiful Vallory and her handsome hubby! Happy reading :-)

This is the story of sexy musician whose talents have been known to melt women around the world and the one woman who is immune to his charms.
Single mom Lena Spencer is showing her sexy side for the first time in a life that has revolved around an aggressive pursuit of her PhD and learning to live without her daughter’s father, Ethan Holden. Returning to town after a ten month tour with the single goal in mind to reclaim Lena’s heart, Ethan gives his greatest performances--musical and otherwise. 

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Dariel Raye said…
Welcome, Vallory! I'm happy to have you visiting with me today :-)
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for having me, Dariel!
Dariel Raye said…
Anytime, Vallory! I'll be inviting you back for the reunion soon :-)
Cherie Reich said…
Congrats to Vallory!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Cherie!
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Cherie! Thanks for stopping by :-)