Fridays With Friends Adonis Devereux and their New Release "Love Comes Twice"

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Today, I am honored to have the real-life "happily-ever-after" husband/wife writing team, Adonis Devereux as my guests.
Thank you so much for visiting with me today. It's truly a joy to have you here!
Your relationship is a ray of hope for a romantic J

1.       What are 3 things you’d like readers to know about you?
 We are a husband-wife writing team. 2. We live in Japan with our half-dozen daughters. 3. We are the happily-ever-after.

2.       Tell us about your books. What can we look forward to from you in the near future? WIPs, upcoming releases

Primarily we write stories set in a fantasy world called Gilalion. It is a rich world, with a full history and many different cultures. Worth His Freedom and Chasing Earth and Flame are both set in the city of Nirrion, while Bride for the God-King and the new release, Love Comes Twice, both involve the Ausir, a species of our own invention, and their nation. We do have two more scheduled releases of Gilalion stories, Burn Like Ice and The Soldier's Lotus. Burn Like Ice, a direct sequel to Chasing Earth and Flame, is the first sequel we have done. 

3.     I already downloaded Worth His Freedom and Bride for the God-King to my Kindle, and as soon as I finish reviewing a couple more books, I'll get started on them. The descriptions are awesome.  What would you say your stories have in common? Principles, beliefs, situations, etc. What do you want readers to take from your creations? 

Our stories all involve true love, love able to overcome anything. (That is important because we put our characters through the wringer!) We hope that our work entertains our readers, but we hope, too, that it does give them hope that the happily-ever-after is out there.

4.       I believe that's nearly everyone's dream, and certainly every romantic's belief. Writing is a process, a journey. What other process(es) move(s) you?

We are enjoying the unfolding of our own love story. That process is the one that produced our children – and our books. And with our July release of The Soldier's Lotus, we finally have more books than children!

5.       Definitely both great accomplishments :-D You have a large family and a number of other time-challenges. What time-management/organizational tips do you suggest?

We do not have a television. We also prioritize. We set aside time every evening to write, and we don't let anything disturb that. It helps that there are two of us. On the days when one of us just doesn't feel like writing, we remember that the other one is waiting. If one doesn't get the scheduled chapter written, then the other one is left waiting until it is. It helps keep us going along at a swift pace. As for time-management, the best tip we have is not to let your time be leeched away. Sitting down at the computer or television set is likely to lose you an hour at least. Simply by avoiding this, it is possible to gain writing time.

6.       I'm impressed! I don't watch much television, but I can certainly while away the hours online! Marketing/publicity/social media are big parts of any author’s life. Any tips or favorite tools?

To be honest, we have no idea what we are doing in this regard! We are still learning. But we do have a blog, a FB presence, and we do interviews and guest blogs wherever we can.

7.       What are some of your favorite resources for authors?

Google. Really. Sometimes when we are writing, we need to know what colors lotuses come in or need to see a picture of warship under sail. As we write stories set in a fantasy world, all of the details need to be right. They help ground the story, give it a sense of reality.
I'm quite the Google fan, as well. Info. for everyone about everything.
Thank you again for visiting with me today! Your books and true love story are inspirations. I encourage my readers to visit and communicate with you around the world wide web!
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Dariel Raye said…
Welcome, Adonis! I'm thrilled to have you here :-)
Anonymous said…
Fab interview! :-)
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks, Doris! You're up to some pretty fab things yourself, these days ;-)Congratulations again on your new release and new contract!
Unknown said…
I so agree about the importance of time management (aka staying away from the internet and television). Although, with 6 daughters, I still don't know how you manage. I had to wait until my children were grown to concentrate on my writing. Kudos to you both!
Unknown said…
Oops. Forgot to post my name on that last comment. :)
Lace Daltyn
Dariel Raye said…
You are so right. To say I'm impressed is quite an understatement. Managing to write at all is an accomplishment with that schedule, but seven books!