Capture With a Kick

 Please join me in welcoming Author, Madeline Iva!

Thanks Dariel for having me on your blog to talk about my favorite kind of capture romance and my latest erotic romance Elf Wizard’s Captive. 

Thanks for coming, Madeline. I'm really happy to have you with us today! What's the status of your WIP right now? 

As an aspiring romance author, I’m at the point now where I’ve written two erotic romance novels and I’m shopping both around to editors and agents.  I’ve had some breathless ‘almost’ moments with both, and right now Elf Wizard’s Captive is on an excellent editor’s desk as I write.

That's exciting! I always enjoy hearing about the journey. 

I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every contact I’ve made in the romance industry so far, and going to my local RWA chapter meetings and going to conferences has been incredibly fun.   It’s an exciting time, but I’m not waiting around passively. I’ve heard the paranormal call, so my third book is going to be in that vampire-meets-werewolf domain.

Gotta love those vamps and weres. So your WIP, is there a particular spin? 

Meanwhile--there are so many different kinds of capture romance, but one kind does it for me more than most.  Perhaps it’s because it’s a lighter and spicier version of the sub-genre.  It’s what I like to read myself, so it’s what I set out to write. 

How would you describe your heroine?

When it comes to reading romance, I’m very drawn to women who are too big for their britches.  Strong heroines who misbehave are fun.  Yet women who are pushing boundaries all the time can have difficulties with personal relationships. 
If a gal is too feisty and mistrusting, she can end up with intimacy issues and become her own worst enemy.
So I wrote Elf Wizard’s Captive with a strong heroine named Elzbeth  for whom magic is her end all be all.  To that end, she serves a grumpy sorceress as an apprentice.  (We soon learn that Elzbeth doesn’t always follow orders like she should.)

 LOL. I like her already ;-) Tell us more...

When Elzbeth is told to go out and with her first magic spell to capture someone for the sorceress, she’s thrilled to use her new powers.  Yet finding a subject that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of her proves challenging.  She opts for a strapping youth in a beautiful tower, since he looks harmless. 
However it turns out that her captive is an immortal wizard, and an elf hottie to boot.  He can compel her sexually with his changing eyes, and when she’s around him she’s all too aware of the fact that she hasn’t had sex in a long, long time. 
And so the power struggle between them begins.  At first he underestimates her.  He doesn’t think she’s an apprentice to the sorceress who’s captured him.  He assumes that she’s a captive princess, and her sense of mischief makes her play along.
When he manages to escape, Elzbeth is in a real pickle, and yet even so, her attraction to him spikes.  There’s a part of her that longs being dominated by him, while she also fears him. 

I think this is a delicious moment.  She knows that he’s furious with her, and she’s trying to figure out where he’s gone while chaos reigns in her sorceress’s decaying castle.  Even knowing how dangerous he is, she loves the spark of unknown magic about him.  Like a moth to the fame she becomes incredibly curious, even if that flame threatens to consume her. 

Here’s an excerpt from Elf Wizard’s Captive.

She tried the spell of undoing.  It was the same spell she used to wake him from sleep before.  She stood near the cell door as he slowly woke.
He finally sat up, blinking his eyes.  Those fascinating eyes did a rapid-fire color change and then stayed green.
“I’ve never met an elf before,” she said
“I’ve never met anyone like you,” he said.  “From what land do you hail?”
“One far away.”
“Your accent is…different.”
She didn’t bother explaining. She wasn’t there to talk.  She went and perched on the end of his cot, he turned towards her, and gently taking her hand drew it over to his side putting her hand to rest on his heart.  Her palm felt his hot naked flesh and her own heart picked up it’s pace.
“Why has she captured me Princess,” he asked.  “Do you know?”
“She wants you for a rejuvenation spell.” The apprentice was still stretching out her hand.  She moved closer to him, until they were touching.  She tentatively rested her head on his shoulder, since they seemed to have this kind of instant Romeo & Juliet bond.  It’s what a princess would do, she told herself.
“What rejuvenation spell is it?”
“Does it matter?” she asked a bit skeptically. 
“Yes, there are several, some deadly.”
“I didn’t know that,” she said truthfully.  “I just thought they all involved sex somehow.”
He laughed at her.
             She closed her eyes and felt his naked shoulder with her cheek.  Without his shirt on, there was no way to ignore his strong sexuality.  She loved his scent and the heat from his body.  Though only half naked he seemed more exposed somehow.
             “She knows Eldred’s not your name,” she said sad and accusing, putting her head tentatively back to stare at him.
“Smart little princess,” he said, his arm sneaking around her waist, holding her easily.  “I did not like lying to you.”
               He didn’t think she was very bright. 
“I’m not your little princess,” she said, struggling to leave his arm.  She hated being condescended to.  “You’re a scoundrel and will break your promises to me.”
“I intend to keep every promise,” he swore as he prevented her from letting go and getting up.  He gently kissed her in the tender space next to her ear and she almost swooned.
“Stop it,” she said.
“I like holding you’re here,” he said and as she struggled, she fell across his body and felt not only his hot skin, but also the hard bar of his cock. 
She wanted to get his goat so badly.  To bring him down a peg.  Yet, rubbing against his cock made her brain stop functioning.  She closed her eyes again, admitting to herself that all she really wanted to do was fuck his brains out.  
He kissed her again.  She didn’t turn away this time.  A little bit of her naughty tongue made him suddenly respond with less inhibition, his mouth opening with a small groan.  Their tongues met and he was gripping her hard, pulling her against him, and flipping them over so that she was under him, the chain running across his back.  The hot, searing kisses progressed to the point where they were rubbing against each other when suddenly he stopped.
“We shouldn’t.” 
She realized her dress was up around her waist.  How did that happen? She was shamelessly dry humping him, and found herself blushing hard.  Her hand cupped his cock, and it leapt and jumped beneath her fingers.
“Don’t.” he said, almost as if in pain, removing her hand.
“Why not?” she asked.
“I will not take your maidenhead,” he insisted.
Right! She was supposed to act like a virgin.  How’s that go again?
She must have been looking at him in a rather befuddled way, because he suddenly gave her very sincere look. 
Pulling her upright, he paused.  Then he interlacing her hand, he took a big breath.
“Princess,” he said, looking her right in the eye,  “men and women are made to be quite different.” With dawning horror she realized he was about to tell her about the birds and the bees.
“I know the functions of the body,” she said hurriedly, waving off that embarrassing topic. 
She leaned into him and said, “I know the functions quite well.”  Looking at him through lowered lids, she convinced him to resume kissing her, but this time he was going so slowly it was driving her mad. 
She was used to something very different.  She was used to fast, nasal clearing sex with strange men during her travels.  A lot of geeky archeology types were in that crew.  She was used to wham, bam, and being out the door before she could hear the guy thank her.  She was used to the kind of sex that helped you fall asleep quickly afterwards.  Wait, that sounded bad. 
“Kiss me harder, like before,” she demanded.  He was toying with her, and when she struggled, he held her tight. His tender kissing and hard body made her want to fuck, not be treasured with exquisite care.  She didn’t feel like virgin when he was touching her, his fingers sliding up her thighs.  She spread her legs a little.  An invitation, but not too far.  The princess was not a slut.
“Does Hulgetta know?” he said quietly.
“Know what?”
“That—you’re here?” he whispered holding her by her ribs. “That,” he leaned in closer and very softly whispered in her ear, “I’m kissing and caressing you.”
She leaned back and pouted.  “She doesn’t know.  She’d punish me terribly if she did.”
Did she catch something in his eye when she said that? The look was gone so fast she couldn’t be sure.  It provoked a sudden sweeping intensity in her. Had she seen what she thought she had?  A spark of utter fascination?
“Does she punish you often?” he managed to ask, those sly wicked fingers under her skirt.
“Um.” Why tell him Hulgetta was going disfigure her if she ever caught her? That wouldn’t make him horny.  In fact, he’d probably demand she leave. He was just the type to get all noble.  Meanwhile, she just wanted to play.  To rub up against him and—
“What if I told you,” she said, tonguing him behind his ear, “that every time I’m bad, she has one of the kitchen maids spank me?”
Oh didn’t his cock just surge and jump at that suggestion. 

What kind of capture romance makes you want to sit up and cheer? Please let me know in the comments below. You can find me on Facebook, or on Twitter. I’m also at Please stop by and say ‘hi’. I always like to meet new folks, otherwise writing is a lonely business.

Very true. Thank you for joining us here today, Madeline, and extra thanks for the excerpt. I can't wait until your book is released!


Madeline Iva said…
You rock Dariel! Come on over and guest blog at my blog any time you like. :)
Elf WIzard's Captive makes me sit up and cheer. :) Great blog.
Gotta say I'm a BIG fan of Elzbeth already. And what can I say about the way sexy elf? WOW.
Dariel Raye said…
You rock yourself! Can't wait to get my hands on ELF WIZARD'S CAPTIVE :-)
Beth Trissel said…
Kewl Madeline. Sounds like a super read. I wish you all the best getting this published.
Dariel Raye said…
Mollie, I get the feeling the elf is not so "wee!" This is an exciting time for you, Madeline! Thanks for allowing us to share it with you :-)
Jennifer James said…
heeeheee. spanked by the kitchen maids....
Leah St. James said…
You're too funny. Great voice. Great concept too, the "experienced" woman trying to behave as a virgin...and it's even funnier that he's buying it! (At least to this point in the story!) I keep wondering what he'll do if/when he discovers she's not being quite truthful!
Sounds like you have things rolling along. Nice excerpt! Good luck, Madeline!
Dariel Raye said…
Leah, that's going to be interesting and entertaining to find out how the sexy elf responds when he learns the truth!
Love your blogspot, and it is going to be a pleasure for me to have you on mine:)