Life Prompts from My Alter Ego



Hello there :-) It's been a while. Since my return from the hospital, I've been working on several projects. I even took time to read for pleasure. Here's a little about my new release. I haven't had time to do any promotion for this one, but I'm happy it's finally completed. All in good time. Here's the gist.

What do I mean by life prompts? Planned or impromptu, we all get them - signals for change and a certain amount of introspection. The problem is that most of us are not particularly fond of change, so these prompts usually come in the form of major events. Staying the same has to become so uncomfortable, we're forced to make changes. Fortunately, as intelligent beings we have the capability to be proactive instead of reactive. It's almost always better to take action and make changes before a major event takes place. 

A little over a year ago, I came to a crossroads in my writing journey. With over 25 years of experience as a mental health therapist and career counselor, then facing the misfortune of chronic illness and its effects on my own mental health, I wanted to take a soft approach to sharing with other women. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, so I'm writing as my alter ego, Raven Banks to differentiate between self-care books and romance. 

"Pearls By Design: A Guided Journal for Women" came to life, but in the midst of other projects and, well, life, it took me a long time to complete it. The "Pearl's By Design" guided journal's focus is self-care. While all of us deal with trials and stressors, some are unique to women, i.e., the additional pressure to live up to idealized, often ridiculous standards of appearance, debilitating feelings of low self-worth, and lower pay which easily translates to financial duress. 

The journal is also designed for those of us who simply enjoy self-improvement. Here are some sample prompts included in the journal...

"Write your vision statement." Yes, resources are provided in the journal.

"Describe the happiest time in your life."

"Describe your financial situation. What needs to change? What needs to stay the same?" The journal includes suggestions to help increase your financial net worth.

"What's the condition of your support system?" We all need one. Who's included in yours? How can you make it stronger? A few helpful tips for this are included too.

Finally released a few days ago, I believe the journal will make a fantastic Christmas gift and provide additional insight throughout the year. You can take a look at it here