Mystic Realms Interview Revelations: Tigris Eden

Join author Tigris Eden as she gives us the inside scoop on her "Mystic Realms" story, "The Warrior's Curse." 

I’m heavily into Mythology and turning into something I’d love to read about. So I did a combination of Angels, Demons, mixed in.

The forces of good and evil continue to rage against each other. In the greatest battle since the war began, one warrior discovers a shocking truth—his destined-mate is alive. Isaiah and Dalila not only struggle with their undeniable attraction but the shocking truth that their pasts collide. As they unlock the key to their survival, it may also just save the world. Our story introduces new types of Paranormal characters that are unique only to us as well as throwing in some lore to keep readers turning the pages.

Believe in your story.

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