Mystic Realms Interview Revelations: Laura Baumbach

Join author Laura Baumbach as she gives us the inside scoop on her "Mystic Realms" story, "Dark Side of the Moon" 

Wrote it for an anthology that wanted cops, werewolves, rent boys or vampires as the main characters. I wrote one story that had all four.

Recovering from a near fatal, on the job injury, vampire rent boy Harley Scott just wants some peace and quiet to recuperate. The wilds of remote Canada during their several months of complete darkness sounds like the perfect hideaway. That is if he can make it past blizzards, cops, werewolves, and -- oh, yeah, a death squad of fellow vampires hell bent on eradicating a damaged vampire from the species. Harley is looking for desolation, but he just might find salvation and healing instead, in the very last place he ever thought it would exist. What gives this story a twist is that Harley, a rent boy recently turned vampire, was shot by a john and now suffers a debilitating head injury. He healed from the fatal-for-humans wound almost completely, but the ability to recognize other supernatural beings is gone. That leaves him vulnerable and on the run from hunters and at the mercy of other paranormals.

Write what feels good to you. Don't try to write what's currently forecast as 'hot' at the moment if it isn't your style. Write what is in your heart and soul. That will translate into the story and touch readers, making them long time fans.

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