Mystic Realms Interview Revelations: Christine Donovan

Join author Christine Donovan as she gives us the inside scoop on her "Mystic Realms" story, "A Wolf's Touch." 

I wanted to write a paranormal and when my son was in college, in Boston taking a class in Myth and Culture, the idea came to me. Setting is on a college campus. Hero (werewolf) Professor in Myth and Culture. Heroine is a Professor in Art History. The story just unfolded from there and I had tons of fun writing it.

Troy, one of the first werewolves ever created, amassed many enemies during his time on earth. Although he’s dead, his adversaries still seek their revenge by hunting his surviving descendants. Unbeknownst to her, Kate Stewart is a direct descendent of Troy’s. She is attacked one night by a wolf who converses mind-to-mind with her. Another wolf comes to her rescue. This encounter throws her into a world where ordinary people mix with preternatural beings. Ethan Brown, leader of the Saviors of the Night Clan is visited by Troy during sleep and given the task of keeping Kate safe and initiating her into his world. He’s also shocked to learn Kate is his mate. The assignment given him won’t be easy as Kate lives in a world where only humans exist. Or at least she thinks only humans exist. Can the physical and emotional connection between Ethan and Kate be enough for her to accept her future and allow Ethan to change her and turn her into one of the creatures she fears most. Werewolf stories have been told many times before. What I hope makes mine unique is I'm telling the story in my distinct voice.

Write the story that's in your heart.

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