Mystic Realms Interview Revelations: Sadie Carter

Join author Sadie Carter as she gives us the inside scoop on her "Mystic Realms" story, "Silent Storm." 

As usual, most things come to me in the shower...or when I'm sleeping and then just evolve from there.

In a land where monsters and magic reside, most people have done the sensible thing and left. But no one had ever called Kaley sensible. Trouble always seemed to find her …and somehow, so did Nicolas. Gorgeous, arrogant, and demanding, he kept popping in and out of her life—whether she wanted him to or not. If only she knew the truth about him. Nicolas had known Kaley was his mate for years. He’d been waiting, biding his time until he could join with her. Finally, her reckless ways push him to the brink. He needs to reveal the secret of who he really is and claim her. If only he knew that Kaley held a few secrets of her own. Silent Storm is filled with strong, unique characters and lots of adventure, but I also think you'll have a lot of fun. There are monsters, magic and a shapeshifting dog...what more can you want?

Don't sign any contracts without looking over them with a fine-tooth comb. Never jump into anything. You have options.

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