"Mystic Realms" Interview Revelations: Mardi Maxwell

Join author Mardi Maxwell as she gives us the inside scoop on her "Mystic Realms" story, "Torkel," and she's even sharing a few songs from her playlist. It's a Scottish time travel romance, and we all love those Scottish men! Maybe it's the kilts.

Music always inspires me. The Immortal Highlander Warrior series, and Torkel, was inspired by these songs: "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran, "Someone Like You" by Andrea Bocelli, "Let Me Dream a While" by Passenger, and "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. I love the melodies but the lyrics are beautiful and inspiring.

Immortal Highlanders series:

Torkel MacAsgaill is a warrior, but also a man of learning. His twin brother, Quinlan, is Laird of the MacAsgaill clan, but he’s lazy and has been spoiled by their parents. While Torkel and his men fight for the clan, Quinlan and his men spend their time in the brothels.

After the Battle at Lochmaben Stone in 1448, Torkel returned home a broken man. Sick of the blood and fighting, he avoids the clan until his uncle, and mentor, tells him to put his sword down and go to St. Andrews University in Fife. Torkel leaves but some of his loyal men catch up to him and insist on going with him.

While he’s gone, Quinlan hears of a beautiful Highland healer named Aileen. He seeks her out, and decides he wants her. Knowing she’ll have nothing to do with him, he introduces himself as Torkel, and his men aid him in his deceit. Aileen believes he’s the great warrior and man of honor Torkel, and she falls in love with him. Quinlan seduces her, casts her aside and mocks her.

In her anguish, Aileen curses ‘Torkel MacAsgaill and his loyal men’ to immortality, and exiles them to an abandoned village in the Highlands. Once done the curse can’t be undone. When Aileen realizes what she’s done she asks the gods to make her immortal and hopes she can someday undo the harm she’s done to Torkel and his men. The gods grant her wish but they make Quinlan immortal as well. He’s free to leave Scotland but he has to return every year and spend six months with Aileen until Torkel and his men receive reparation.

Each warrior’s only hope of happiness depends on his true love finding the glen, and loving him enough to choose to stay with him forever.

Cursed with immortality for a deed he didn’t do Torkel MacAsgaill has spent centuries exiled in an abandoned Highland village. His only hope of happiness depends on his one true love finding find him and choosing to stay with him forever. If her love isn’t strong enough, and she chooses to leave she can’t ever return and he’ll be alone again.

Ella Ross’s acting career has made her rich and famous, but she’s always felt that a vital part of her life was missing. When things go wrong, and she needs a place to hide, she remembers an ad from the Misty Glen Travel Agency. She contacts the owner, Aileen, and arranges to stay in an isolated cottage in a Highland glen.

Ella’s car breaks down while a storm rages around her. She sees a light in the distance and decides to walk to but wet and freezing she collapses along the way. Torkel is dozing by his fire when his dogs alert him to something wrong in the glen. He follows them and finds a beautiful young lass.

Love seeks them in a forgotten glen in the Highlands.

Impossible, but you started it...Jump in with both feet. Believe in yourself. Have a group of people you love and trust to give you an honest, constructive critique of your work. Learn to love doing research. You will never learn it all but the experience will be wonderful. Write because you love writing. Write the books you want to read. Nobody loves a bitch so be kind. Have fun.

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Thank you, Dariel for letting me be a part of your world today. Its beautiful. Mardi