Binge Watcher Files: "Shannara Chronicles"

Based on Terry Brooks' acclaimed novel series, "Sword of Shannara," "The Shannara Chronicles" starts out with the heroine, Amberle, a young elf competing for a prized position among her people, to become a member of the order of the chosen. She crosses paths with a human thief, or rogue as she's called in the series, Eretria, who seems to only think of herself, and eventually meets up with the hero, Wil, a good-hearted if naive halfling (half elf, half human), who possesses a magical stone, but hasn't yet learned how to wield his powers. Life hangs in the balance as ominous portents of the coming of Apocalyptic evil become undeniable. Each time a leaf falls from the sacred tree within the elves territory, a demon is released to walk the Earth. 

A cinematic masterpiece with sweeping landscapes and epic special effects, "The Shannara Chronicles" is a world where elves, humans, trolls, dwarfs, gnomes, and demons reside, each with often competing goals. Throughout the series, the three main characters are the focus, but a number of other prominent characters join them in the fight against evil. One of my favorite supporting characters is Allanon, a rare druid with incredible magical powers, played by the sexy Manu Bennett.

Currently, there are 2 seasons available on Netflix as the series 'shops' for a new home. Keeping my fingers crossed.