Outreach: Shock Attack

Broken dreams, an ancient enigma tainted by the past, a mystical bond time and space...

Three years after the accident, Jaci Allen believes she is as lost now as she was the day she awakened to the sudden, tragic deaths of her husband and two-year old daughter. When she accepts a new client, Andreus Shannon, a man who has been imprisoned since the age of 16, she soon realizes their connection is much more than chance.

Their meeting ignites the awakening of Andreus' frightening special gifts – gifts he has not only tried to hide from the rest of the world, but from himself.  Through the bond they share, Jaci is introduced to a dark and deadly world she never knew existed. Can two shattered souls overcome their enemies and find a way to heal one another?


“I’ll eat just about anything.” Andreus smiled, his pointed incisors scraping the inside of his upper lip.
“You’re easy," Jaci said. There’s a nice place close by with some variety, so if you have a taste for more than one thing, that’s fine too.” When he didn’t respond, Jaci glanced at him, her dark eyes narrowed. “You okay, Andreus?”
He didn’t want to alarm her, but he knew she would have to deal with whatever dangers they were about to face, sooner than later. His ability to concentrate was now nonexistent. The pain in his shoulder blades had become unbearable, as if someone was tapping their way out with a sledgehammer. “No. We need to hurry and get off the—”
Sssss! Boom!
Andreus felt the air crackling around them just milliseconds before a single bolt of lightning came out of oblivion, striking the ground in front of them and knocking out two of the car windows. Sudden, inexplicable seismic activity shook the ground directly underneath.


Muffy Wilson said…
Dariel, I loved the other cover, but this one is simply too hot to handle. I couldn't wait to buy it <3 xo
Amber Daulton said…
OOhhhhh. Very interesting!
Barb Caffrey said…
Now I have to find out what happens next...hmmm. :-)
Dariel Raye said…
Squee! Thanks, Muffy <3
Dariel Raye said…
Amber and Barb, thank you for visiting! I'll make my rounds tomorrow. That will be my weekend entertainment. I lead an exciting life. LOL