Memorable Kisses: Featuring Rebecca Kovar

Source: Rebecca Kovar

One of the topics of my newsletter this month is memorable kisses: first kisses, passionate kisses, sweet kisses, you name it. Join me in welcoming one of my VIP club members, author Rebecca Kovar, as she shares what she calls "The Most Focused Kiss." 

Joseph was beautiful, brilliant, and brash. And a total hedonist. He welcomed ladies to join him in revelry, as long as they understood he didn't form attachments. He loved women, even if he didn't trust them with his heart. There were times he took six or more of us out to dinner at a time, because women engaged in more interesting conversation than his buddies - and also because by taking out most of the available, smart women, he kept the other guys from hitting on his lady friends, thus ensuring a better evening for all (except maybe his male friends). Even if you weren't interested in joining him in debauchery, the friendship was such that everyone kissed Joe. It was just part of being around him.
Did I mention he was an actor? He was a jouster, too. Nothing quite like a man with blonde hair and storm blue eyes, in armor sporting the latest dings from his victory, to fire up a girl's blood.
After one show, I was returning across the faire site when I saw Joseph, surrounded by a group of young men. As I got closer, I realized they were drunk, belligerent, and closing in. Joe was being genial - as one must while in character - but his eyes told a different story. I picked up speed and burst through the group. Joseph caught and lifted me with one arm, and gave me the most passionate, brain-numbing, *focused* kiss I have ever had. He wasn't thinking about what he could get out of it. He wasn't thinking about where he was going to dinner that night. He wasn't even thinking about the much needed hot shower and cold beer. He wasn't thinking at all. He was experiencing me and demanding I experience him. The circle of drunks disappeared for me. I was lost.

He finally let me breathe and gave me the wickedest smile. Then, because he was a funny bastard, he let me slide down the armor - chunk, chunk, chunk - until my feet hit the ground. At least he caught me before my knees buckled, as they surely did.
He turned to the young men, who were understandably agape, and said "Gentlemen, get a horse." Then he whisked me out of the circle to whistles and applause. Security whisked the stragglers out the front gate. In a very quiet, subdued voice, Joseph thanked me for being his knight in shining armor.
That night, he brought out the good whiskey, and we talked into the wee hours. Just talked and laughed and were friends. It was one of the best nights of my life.

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