Thursday 13: 13 Of Arla Dahl's Favorite Lines From "The Watchman" (Immoral Virtue Bk. 3)


My special guest for Thursday 13 today is erotic romance author, Arla Dahl! Courtesy of Ocean 2 Ocean Book Promotions, I'm happy to share 13 of her favorite lines from her new release, "The Watchman" (Immoral Virtue Bk. 3). Take a look, follow her tour, and join her upcoming new release party!

13 Favorite Lines From "The Watchman" by Arla Dahl
1. -“You ache for this, do you not?”

2. -“I would please you again…I would submit…now… should I be permitted…”

3. -"She compels the eye in lustful ways that blind men to truth--as is the witch’s way.”

4. -“’Tis my wish to prove innocence through pleasure.”
5. -“Do not let go.”

6. Though daybreak would soon be upon them, darkness would linger, for fears of evil, of witches and cursed souls still filled their hearts with dread.

7. -’Twas too much a pleasure, the sight of her. A splendid gift of nature. Perhaps she had not bewitched him so much as stirred his heart.

8. -He crushed her lips with his. Kissing her. Hurting her. His mouth unforgiving, unrelenting. Silencing her words, stealing her breath.

9. -She laughed and it was a tearful frustrated sound he wished to quiet, to soothe.

10. -One word could have saved him. One word could have spared her the sight of his torture. Spared him the sight of her pain for him.
One word.

11. -He ached as much to touch her as to feel her touch… her caress, her embrace…those lips as ready to spit angry fire as mewl in notes of need.

12. -Those eyes, stubborn and frightened. That hair, in which he would bury his face and inhale… her hands so delicate… how he wished to feel them upon him.

13. -“I will prick the mark to be sure it bleeds, to be certain it is not a spot deadened to sensation…for that, my good people, is how to test the witch!”

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Unknown said…
Thanks so much for including my lines in your Thursday13! I was going to comment here with my favorite of the 13 but each of them reminds me of the scene it came from, so I stumbled. lol. However, I'd say two of them sum up THE WATCHMAN rather neatly - #11 and #13. :-)
Dariel Raye said…
You are welcome anytime, Arla :-) I'd have a terribly hard time choosing my favorite lines from any of my books, but I'm about to give it a try too.
Lil said…
Truly intriguing lines. This is a wonderful way toggle the flavor of a book.