Thriving: Introduction


To thrive – “to grow or develop successfully; to flourish or succeed; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances" – Webster

When I think of thriving, I envision a full, balanced life filled with laughter, health, love, and purpose. Thriving is much more than just surviving, and conjures images of a life above and beyond the norm. I can’t say I’ve achieved it, but I want it! There’s even a “Thrive” diet based on whole foods (FREE plant based diet). You’d better believe I’ll be talking about that soon.

So what do we need to do in order to thrive? We each face our own personal challenges…demons, if you will, that make thriving difficult, be it broken or problematic relationships, health issues, spiritual confusion, and of course, we’re all faced with social unrest. 

Thriving is a life-long goal, and well worth any amount of effort we put forth to attain it. I think the first step is to take an honest personal assessment, then set ego aside and get to work doing whatever we need to do to achieve our make our lives the best they can be within our control in this moment.

So…let’s talk J

I don't profess to have all the answers, but I definitely have some suggestions, and I welcome yours as well. What works for one may or may not work for another, so the more positive feedback, the better. 

Every Sunday, I’ll throw in my two cents about one of the four pillars of balance (spiritual, physical, emotional/mental, or social health).  Lurking is fine, but I’d love for you to join in and share your thoughts on the subject.

For today, which of the four pillars do you think is hardest to manage and why?