Flasher Friday: "After The Call"

Here we are again, and bringing you an inspirational pic perfect for Halloween, no less! It's Flasher Friday! We each have our own unique take on this spectacular graphic, so check out each 100-word flash and I hope you enjoy :-)

There was no escaping now.

Cassandra hit the “End” button, dropping her cell phone on the white carpet where she stood, barefoot. She found the stark lack of sound daunting, as if it, too, had been absorbed, gobbled up by evil.

He waited, and she knew.

Allowing her pink, chenille bathrobe to slide off her shoulders, the ultra-soft fabric slid past her calves to land next to her phone, her unmarked body damp from the ritualistic bath.

A dank, cold wind whipped past her the moment she stepped outside, and she shivered, presenting herself to him blemish-free. Devan would be furious, but she could not allow him to risk his life for her again.


Anonymous said…
Goodness, that leaves me with so many questions. Great flash!
Julian Spong said…
excellently written flash which need to be continued
Mmmmm sexy snippet of a story. Makes me wonder what lead up to this current situation. Great flash!
Dariel Raye said…
Thank you SO much for the supportive comments. Love this pic. I'm late making my rounds, but I will be there! LOL