Flash Friday: "Compositions"

Don't you just love Fridays? This week's inspirational pic took me to some dark places. What am I talking about? I'm ALWAYS in dark places ;-) Anyway, here's my take. Click here to read my friends' versions. Hope you enjoy, and remember, comments encourage.

Boom! Tom jack-knifed out of bed in one startled leap, ending his traditional nap before night shift. “What the fuck?”

Loud, dissonant chords shattered final remnants of his latest fantasy, shards of glass spinning away from him. Someone  played the piano – the expensive grand he’d allowed Jenny to talk him into buying despite her inability to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the damn thing.

Pulling on his jeans, he grabbed his revolver from the bedside drawer. Lightning and thunder crackled through the house setting off the back-up system, red lights blinking, electronics and appliances beeping, but when he looked through the window, the sun revealed the lightning source.

Tom fell to his knees. “Jenny! I didn’t mean it.”