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Friday, May 8, 2015

Flash Friday: "Drinks and Coffee"

Taking a moment to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day this flash Friday. I cheated a bit, but can you blame me? Couldn't let this hot pic go in 100 words, and neither can this week's heroine, Meg. Check out my friends' posts here when you're done. Hope you enjoy! Mothers (including pet mothers and anyone else who mothers the children of others), this one's especially for you :-)

Drinks and Coffee
“Happy Mother’s Day, Meg!”

“Thanks.” Of course, the only child I have is Snow, a spoiled, green-eyed white Persian.

Shellie grabs her things and heads out the door, then turns. “I added one more to the book, and your Mother’s Day gift is on the way – drinks and maybe coffee in the morning.”

What? Sighing, I plant myself in the “Director’s Chair” and wait.

Moments later, my crush from two doors down walks in, all six-foot-three, sexy as hell, and rolling a Harley.

Without a word, he straddles his motorcycle, smiles, and I start snapping, hands shaking, body purring like Snow, my cat.

“Looks like you paid in advance, Mr. DuBois.”

He stands,  stalks toward me and stops just short of touching, flashing pointed incisors for the first time. Too turned on to be frightened, I prattle on, fiddling with my equipment to drown out my suicidal heartbeat.

“Do you model?”

“It’s Mikail, and only for you.” Thought vamps couldn't take pictures.


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