Flash Friday: "Submission"

My, how time flies! It's Friday again and we're flashing as usual - 100 words to offer our take on the inspirational pic above. Click here to check out my friends' versions.


Drawn to water before birth, I always loved him.

He never noticed me.

Angry waves crash against the resistant shore, battering until sand submits, dispersing into the ocean, submersion complete, and he vanishes, mission accomplished.

He embraces me now,  nakedness honed to perfection, his viscous touch negating my chiffon sheath, every sensual desire fulfilled. 

Sinewy arms part his waves as he parts mine, long legs thrash against him, releasing a tumultuous implosion, my molecular structure realigning.

I delve deep, in hot pursuit of my destiny, then touch the shore once more in final tribute to the waning sun. I submit, consumed by Neptune as sand.