Flash Friday: "Rendezvous"


TGIF, and flash time again - only 100 words. Check out the pic above and here's my fun take on it. When you finish here, take a look at my friends' versions.


He never leaves his phone where I can get my hands on it.

More than that, I can’t believe I’m here, dressed like this.

Dream outfit, my ass. Well, his gold card bought the most expensive floozy-wear I could find, and added a whip and my precinct cuffs for good measure. Payback’s a bitch.

Only reason I didn’t bring my gun is because this was the only text. I caught him just in time - bastard.

The door opens, I turn to see a smirk on my husband’s face, and now it all makes sense.

“I see you got my not-so-subtle message, Sweetheart. You look even better than I expected.”