One Lovely Blog Hop: 7 Lovely Facts about Dariel

While I was in the throes of releasing "Dai's Dark Valentine," my friend and fellow author/blogger/reviewer, Mia Darien, invited me to join this delightful, easy-going blog hop by writing 7 "lovely" facts about myself and inviting 15 more authors to do the same. I'm just getting around to it, and these are in no particular order, so here goes...

1. Everyone thought I'd become a veterinarian when I was growing up because I rescued fallen birds and other sick animals, and collected insects to feed and play with (I built paper, twig, and leaf houses for the insects).

2. I've always been an extreme night owl. Even as a toddler, I left my parents no choice so they child-secured the area and left me up to roam so they could sleep. When ready for bed, I'd go into their bedroom and rest my head on one of them (usually my Dad) to get up and put me to bed.

3. One of my most prized possessions is an antique bronze horse clock given to me by my maternal Grandmother. It sounds like an engine running. I find the sound soothing.

4. Astrologically, I'm Leo Sun/Scorpio Rising.  I included the link because I can't bear saying those things about myself no matter how true many of them may be. LOL To say I'm controlling is an understatement, but I will say in my defense, I've learned not to take myself so seriously. Life has a way of doing that ;-)

5. I'm the youngest child and the youngest grandchild in my family, but I've always been called an "old soul."

6. I'm not rushing anything, but I've always loved cemeteries. In grad school, I used to study in a cemetery across from UGA whenever I got the chance, and later, I lived next to a cemetery for more than 15 years. While living there, I decorated for Halloween and left my front porch light on, but I also had 3 large black dogs and hardly anyone ever came to my house October 31st. Wonder why? LOL

7. I make a MEAN Creole spaghetti, and it's one of my favorite foods.

8. One for good measure - I love to dance.

Now, I'm inviting the following author/bloggers to share 7 lovely things about themselves. Please link back to this post so it's more like a real hop :-)