Flash Friday: "Closing the Distance"

Happy Friday! My friends and I are flashing in 100 words again. We've got a fun pic this week. Check out my friends' thoughts, too :-)

Closing the Distance

“Babe? I made lasagna with my homemade garlic bread.”

A small peace offering by most standards, but she knew her husband. Was my offense really so bad?I just want my Ray back.

Soon as she lit the candles and stepped into the tub, Ray walked in.

He set two glasses of red wine on the side of the tub and undressed, springing to life, mid-life crisis forgotten.

Claire’s body quickened at the sight and feel of her big, sexy man. She’d missed him.

“Now, let’s see what you can do to make up for totaling my Harley.”

Their combined laughter ricocheted off the tiles.


Naomi Shaw said…
I hope they have fun and recapture some of what was forgotten. Great flasher
Muffy Wilson said…
That's how it is done, alright. Gotta offer up high value 'treats' to forget the obvious. Well done and very believable. xo
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, she wrecked his Harley? Great flash :-)
Dariel Raye said…
Anything to get her man's attention again. He was off ridin' that thing when he should have been ridin', well, you know. LOL