Flash Friday: "Challenge"

We've made it to another glorious Friday, and talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! As always, my friends and I get together on Fridays and muse over an inspirational pic. There's only one rule - we each have to tell our story in 100 words. I must warn you - I'm waxing rather deep today. When you're finished here, take a look at my friends' versions. Hope you enjoy!

“I can’t survive without you.”

Knotted muscles landed on unforgiving stones, fists clenched.

Nails, hard from tilling the ground, drove into his palm, drawing obscene crimson rivulets. Endless wandering, traversing unknown lands flashed before him, horror unimaginable.

His ears rang, multiple voices unified, entering his mind. “You will never be without me.”

“But no one will want me. No one will care for me.”

He kept his gaze down. “You always loved him more.”


His heart sank, disappointment made one with his name, then crippling pain seized him, God’s finger etched into bare skin.

“By this mark, all will know that you are mine.”


Unknown said…
Wow. A powerful flash. Enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
Powerful indeed! Great stuff!
Anonymous said…
Damn, epic work!
Very strongly worded, Dariel. 😢
Dariel Raye said…
Thank you for the words of encouragement, as always! This picture really touched me - truly worth a thousand words :-)
Naomi Shaw said…
I absolutely loved this! There's a longer story in the offing which you have to write. We need to know more about Cain. Great flasher
Wow! So deep and full of emotion. Had me holding my breath as I read this story. I loved the ending, Cain, and the touch of God. Very powerful words. Great flash!