Dariel's Friday Flasher Stop: "No More Waiting"

Happy Friday!! In 100 words, my friends and I will offer our take on the pic above. Take a look at theirs when you're done here. You won't be disappointed :-)

No More Waiting

I prayed he’d stay the night.

Warm brown eyes gazed, sincere. “How can you ask, Helena? How many times must I risk everything for you?”

In sleep I felt hands caressing me - my neck, spine, the sensitive globes of my behind, between my legs, only to vanish when the sun pierced the moon.

“Close the curtains.”

His deep voice resonates from my core, and I turn to see Edgar’s shadow.

Shielded from daylight, his bare chest presses against my back.

“Only three p.m.? No longer clandestine?”

“Shh. You called, I came. Time matters not.”

He punctures my carotid. I’ll never wait again.


Olga said…
Very good story. Mind you the picture is pretty impressive. I love the counter for your WIP on the side. Have a great weekend
Angelica Dawson said…
Great punch at the end.
I love the twist at the end!
Julian Spong said…
Dark yet beautifully written
Anonymous said…
Oohh, I love a good vamp tale. Great flash :-)
Oh I do like this! Beautiful and dark
Dariel Raye said…
Thank you! I do love my vamps ;-)
Mmmm love a vampire story! This was awesome, and the twist at the end, so delicious as they are now together for an eternity. :) Great flash!
Naomi Shaw said…
Amazing flash. A wonderful take on the pic, love it