Like a Hot Date Except There Are Three of Them (and I'm too possessive for that)

Like a Hot Date Except There Are Three of Them: “Flash” and “Supernatural” back-to-back
I love it when the new series start airing in the Fall, but one of the hardest things to do is keep up with what’s coming on when. Well, last night was a pleasant surprise; “Flash” premiered, and the tenth season of “Supernatural” aired back-to-back.

I grabbed my computer and planted myself to watch them and I’m a happy girl. As always, “Supernatural” did not disappoint, with Dean playing the out-of-sorts demon this time, palling around with Crowley of all characters, hanging out in bars (well, that part’s not so new), and the whole tell-tale black, soulless eyes thing.

Never was a “Flash” fan when I was younger, but I really enjoyed it. Barry Allen, AKA Flash, is a heartbroken young adult working for the police department as a Forensics specialist. Well, of course that got my attention right away since I’m fascinated by Forensic Science and anyone else interested enough to pursue it as a vocation.

Anyway, Barry is struck by lightning - which seems to target him - and left with the ability to run faster than the speed of light. Like all superheroes, he’s accompanied by a nerdy/geeky (most likely both) brilliant friend who provides him with gadgets useful for his new avocation – saving lives and catching bad guys. Of course, the appearance of “Arrow” in the pilot was an extra bonus.

Back to the Winchester brothers. I must say they’ve got to be the hottest demon-killers anyone has ever seen, and I love Dean’s sense of humor. I missed most of season nine, so I’m trying to catch up on Netflix. That’s fun too, since there’s not much better than grabbing some popcorn (the movie kind, of course) and watching episode after episode until…well until I tell myself  I’m acting crazy and turn the TV off J

All this said, and I’m thrilled about the Tuesday prime time line-up, I still had one question: where have I seen Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/Flash) before? Oh, yes! The Lifetime movie, “A Mother’s Nightmare.” Great young actor – worth keeping an eye on.