"Unforgettable Lovers" Multi-author Book Blog Event Winners: Jacklynn Sizemore and Donna Reynolds!!

Special thanks to all of the authors who took the time to write POV responses for their characters! Each chosen character responded to this question: "What makes someone an unforgettable lover?" I really enjoyed getting to know more about each character, the plots were intriguing, and the covers were awesome!

The winners are Donna Reynolds and Jacklynn Sizemore!! Each winner will receive up to two books of their choice from the books featured during the event (my treat). Here's a recap (in order of appearance during the event) of the books, links to the event post, and purchase links for more info:

"Forbid My Heart" by Kayelle Allen - Coming soon!

Two more books featuring Luc and Rah are in progress. Click here to sign up for one email when a book is released.

"Lover Divine" by A. Star (awa Diantha Jones)

"Adderley's Bride" (from Charlie Daye Presents "The Dreams and Nightmares" Anthology") by Danita Minnis
Buy Links:

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"Artemis's Hunt" by Lia Davis
Artemis’s Hunt ~ Sons of War novella 2.5
By Lia Davis

Deception broke her heat. The truth fuels her hunt.

Sons of War series to date
Ashes of War, book 2
Artemis’s Hunt, book 2.5
More to come…

"Witch's Bane" (The Witch Chronicles Book 2) by Ann Gimpel

"Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin" by Dariel Raye

"Never Surrender" by Deanna Jewel

"Together In Cyn" by Jennifer Kacey
The books in the Members Only Series can be found here...

"Traitor's Legacy" by Beth Trissel

"Murderous Lies" by Chantel Rhondeau

"Into the Arms of Morpheus" by Jessica Nicholls

Amazon (for ereader and print)



Post Link Day 6
"Dark Shadow" (The Hidden Series) by LaVerne Thompson

"Playing the Rookie" by Rachelle Ayala

"Awoken By the Sheikh" by Doris O'Connor

"Better Than Perfect" by Tricia Drammeh

"The Star Catcher" by Stephanie Keyes
"The Couple" by Harlie Williams
Author links:
Author site:  www.harliewilliams.com
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All Romance Ebooks:

"Rescued From the Dark" by Lynda Kaye Frazier


Donna Reynolds said…
Thank you so much Dariel, and all the authors.
Dariel Raye said…
You're very welcome, Donna :-D Congratulations!!
Awesome! Congratulations!! Thanks, Dariel, for including me in this event!