Dariel's Friday Flasher: "Confrontation"

Welcome back to Flasher Friday!! My friends and I have come together again to offer 100 words on the same pic, so make sure to click here and check theirs out, too :-)

Sadie. Always did wrap me in a fog.

“Why you standin’ in the doorway, Baby?”

Her voice slides along my spine and I come to attention, throbbing, heavy, belligerent.

A whisper of silk as she slithers out of that lace nighty.

She’s movin’ on the bed now, pullin’ covers back. J’adore and woman vaporize my mind and I feel her silky skin, her lips encircling me.

Sadie's husband Jim, my uncle, was cross the ranch taming that new stallion, but my body don’t give a damn.

“Just watchin’. Stay there.” I've gotta face him like a man.

“What you watchin?” She has no idea how deep I've fallen.

“Jim’s comin’ down towards the house.” I imagine blood’ll clear this fog. 


Muffy Wilson said…
Guess a quick cowboy poke is out of the question. At first I thought you mixed your pronouns then caught where you were going. Very clever. Yeppers, he isn't going to lose his cowpokin' job over a cowboy poke. Very clever. co
Kimberly Gould said…
Interesting scenario. great bait and switch on the POV.
Julian Spong said…
really cleverly written flash
Dariel Raye said…
Had to clarify with a few more words. I could tell peeps were getting the wrong idea about my hero :-)
Anonymous said…
Another great take on this picture :-)
Naomi Shaw said…
Love your take on the pic. Great flash
Loved how you worded this. Very western and that southern twang. Great take, I hope not too much blood will be spilled. And that the husband doesn't go killing him too. Awesome flash.
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for the support :-) Rolling Muse in the Roses, I think he's ready for whatever comes next ;-)