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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dariel's Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: "Gateway - Afterglow"

Time for another tantalizing Tuesday teaser! Every week, a few of us choose a pic for inspiration, write 200 max words about it, and get together to share. This week, I'm sharing a bit more of "Gateway." So far, I've posted a teaser from the latter part of the story and the beginning, so this is somewhere in between. Hope you enjoy "Afterglow," and click here to read tantalizing teasers from my friends when you finish :-) Please leave comments. We love to hear from you. Here's my inspiration pic...

Gateway - Afterglow

Remember the movie classic, “Terminator?” Beautiful, changeable, deadly. I stare, mesmerized, my body still convulsing with carnal pleasure, my mind a war-ravaged wasteland.
Gateway steps away and I know. He’s entered a place no other man has ever been allowed to glimpse, his dark purpose pervading everything I could have aspired to.
Aching sadness. I choke back tears, destroying my words. Is this complete submission? Or is there more of me to be taken?
I’ve stepped into an abyss, eyes wide open, assuming safety simply because these urges never appeared before. I’ve never wanted this. It’s him, luring me into a life I’ve never imagined. I have to get away.
How did he gain control so easily? Did I ever have a choice? A chance? Formed from my every erotic dream, a nightmare in the flesh, hard, plentiful muscles giving at my touch in just the right places, touching me as if given The Maker’s designs for my soul, his beautiful cock pressing inside me gently at first, my walls giving, slick with need, innocent to his veiled hostile takeover. I can’t even say he didn’t warn me.
I reach for him. “Again,” I plead.

Gateway turns, implacable. “Yes, ‘again.’”


Naomi said...

Oh boy, I love that pic.I could just imagine her wanting 'again'. Masterful yet so hot. Fab teaser

Molly Synthia said...

I liked this one a whole lot, Dariel. Very powerful and very sensual. Excellent tease!

Julez S Morbius said...

Hot tease excellently written

Donna Reynolds said...

Amazing pic and I'm so glad you are giving us more Gateway.

Dariel Raye said...

Thank you! Yes, I've got Gateway on the brain now, so he's yapping in my head just like all my Dark Sentinel characters :-D