Dariel's Flasher Friday Stop: "Chop, Chop"

It's Flasher Friday again! Every Friday, the Flashers get together and write 100 max. words using the same pic as inspiration. This week I pictured small town lovers seeking a little excitement. Hope you enjoy it, and take a look at my friends' flashes when you finish :-)
Here's the inspirational pic...

Chop chop

Mark’s husky bass rattles, echoing through my rib cage, kicking me in gear.


“I’ll surprise you. Meet me at our place, Baby. Chop chop.”

I jump up from my ratty T-shirt-wearing, soap-watching stupor.

“Our place” is this country little 24-hour dive. There, we’ve explored the joys of foreplay, engrossed in each other, cares thrown away.

I reach for the door, confused by  the “closed” sign until Mark steps up behind me, his arousal obvious against my bottom, sticks his key in the lock and shoves me inside, cuffing my hands. The place is empty. “Chop chop” takes on new meaning.


Unknown said…
Great little tease. Wonder what they will get up to ?
Unknown said…
You have a good sense of wit with this flash. I love the title of the place andf the meaning it will entail. Chop Chop! Great.
Julian Spong said…
Enjoyable flash. Would love to read more
Awesome Flash! Playful and full of wonder and fun. :)
Brantwijn said…
Very cute! A nice little twist on the norm (from her POV) at the end!