Things We Love: Dariel's New Year Reunion Pre-Event

The New Year Reunion starts tomorrow, so I asked each participating author to tell us “three things they love besides family, reading, or writing. Inquiring minds want to know.” Even answered my own question at the end, so this is what I want you to do: Beneath each author’s name and response is an author page link. After you take a look at the link, post a comment here with your email address and let me know whether you could have guessed (judging by our books) what some of the authors love in addition to family, reading, and writing (be nice). Two (2) lucky commenters will receive an ebook of choice from booklists on the author pages below J

Doris O’Connor - Argh, not fair, lol! I always say those because they're the most important things in my world. Okay, hmmm looooooooong baths.
The evening walks with the dog, because it's just hubby and I, and we treasure those times with our hectic schedules and our big brood.
The TV Show Strictly Come Dancing. I just love it and I never miss an episode.

L.J. Kentowski - Besides family, reading, and writing, I guess I'd have to pick running & yoga, watching movies & primetime TV, and Snicker bars. In the last year I participated in my first ever 5K runs and obstacle course races. They were such great milestones for me, and I fell in love with the running and yoga to get me trained for them. Watching movies and primetime TV is a given for me — they're books on TV! And Snicker bars? That's pretty self-explanatory isn't it? They're just so SATISFYING!

P.T. Macias - My favorite, absolutely favorite three things I love are sinfully delicious.
I love to go on a cruise.
I love to wear my boots and jewelry.
I love to eat strawberries and whip cream.

Chantel Rhondeau - I absolutely love to go bowling. I’m on two leagues this year and often go with my family too. Also, playing Pinochle (even if I often lose) is always fun. I’m a huge animal lover and we have four cats. Before starting my family and plans changing, I wanted to be a small animal veterinarian.

Tricia Schneider - I love to travel! Two places I fell in love with are New Orleans, Louisiana and Bamberg, Germany. So much beauty and history there, I want to go back!
I love to do crafty things. I do cross-stitch and I make jewelry, as well as other crafts. I enjoy coloring with my kids, too.
I love to hike. I truly love being out-doors in the sunshine. There are several hiking trails where we live, such as the Appalachian Trail. My husband and I get out there as much as we can. 

Kayelle Allen
1.     Looking at pictures of beautiful places. I can go on a mental-vacation by doing so. I especially love images of mountains and valleys. I grew up in the southwest.
2.    Creating art. I enjoy using Photoshop, and while I'm not good at freehand art and drawing, I do like photomanipulation. Doing covers for The Author's Secret is an extension of that love. My husband is actively involved in helping me with that part of the business. In addition, I've created a lot of the art on my website, which has over 100 pages to explore.
3.    I'm also loving collaborating with my sons. I've helped Jamin on his art project, a web comic for Nimajination Studios (Call in the Night). He's done about 30 panels so far, and we go over the details before he publishes them. My other son, Joel, advises me on the science aspects of my science fiction, as well as many of the role-playing parts. He's been instrumental in helping me develop the gaming system used by my immortals. I hope to one day release it as an actual game.
R.L. Naquin -
1.     Road trips—it doesn’t even matter where I’m going or how long it’ll take.
2.     LEGO Monster Fighters.
3.     Pineapple Dole Whip Floats from Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Dara Young - Anything purple. A few things I have in my fav color: 1 room in my house, a stapler, my Kindle cover, a hair brush, my phone cover, lap blanket, see the pattern here. Yes?
My cats—because they rule.
To laugh. My DH keeps me giggling pretty regularly and so do some of the guys at work. If you can't laugh at life how do you enjoy it?
Zenobia Renquist - Three things I love:
* Collecting things from my fandoms (Tardis stuff, Lego buildings, and manga... to name a few)
* Movies with plots that make me think (Cloud Atlas, Matrix, V for Vendetta)
* Learning a new skill (I recently took up knitting and decided my first project should be the 4th Doctor's scarf because my hubby wants it for Christmas. I started on 02 Dec and as of 15 Dec I'm at the half way point.)

Mia Darien - Three things that I love besides family, reading, and writing...are animals, dancing, and lighting stuff on fire in World of Warcraft.
Jami Gray
1.     Starbucks—Hello, my name is Jami, and I’m a coffee addict…
2.    Crime and history shows—ID, History and Discovery channels, best thing ever!
3.    Target shooting—fairly new development, but it’s become our latest family adventure. Lot more fun than I thought it would be…
BR Kingsolver
1.     Travel. I love to see new places, experience new things. This comes out in my writing as my characters tend to do a lot of traveling.
2.     Skiing. There is nothing like the freedom I feel flying down a ski slope. The mountains in winter are so beautiful.
3.     Good live music. I love to sit in a small venue, like a coffee house or a bar, and listen to gifted musicians play music that they love.

Krystal Shannan
I love swimming, cooking, and watching a good movies.
Maegan Provan - I really love finding new shows and rediscovering old favorites on Netflix. I complete devoured both seasons of Alphas in a matter of a couple of weeks and I have to say I was definitely inspired. Another thing I really love is Markiplier. His channel is incredibly entertaining and a very wonderful man. Gaming. I am play Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, The Sims 3 and every once in a great while World of Warcraft quite frequently. 

Ann Gimpel
Three things I love: Mountaineering, skiing, cooking

Melissa Keir I love my puppies. They are not only entertaining but also give great kisses! Another thing I love is sleeping in on cold winter mornings. There’s something about snuggling under the covers. Finally, I love listening to that perfect song that shares my mood and makes me sing along. (Just don’t ask me to do it aloud- I’m not that good.)
Dariel Raye
Crushed ice – terrible for our teeth, but I use it as a snack sometimes instead of junk food. Has the same calming effect.
Animals – Love nearly all animals, wild and domestic. I’m as passionate about my pets and animal rights as I am about kids.
Outdoor art exhibits and symphony concerts.


Donna Reynolds said…
I love that you all shared about yourselves Thank you for the giveaway I look forward to finding some new authors. mrscrabbyfan(at)gmail(dot)com
Thank you for sharing, some I would have guess, like drinking coffee and walks as I like those also. Thanks for the chance. Koala571 (at) msn (dot ) com
Melissa Keir said…
Oh Dariel, I love crushed ice too. I have to eat it. Once at a conference, I ate crushed ice all afternoon. The conference was just that engaging!
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I never would have guessed you liked crushed ice Ms. Melissa! Too funny! The others are awesome too, thanks for sharing ladies!
Fun post! Thanks for having us all on here, Dariel! Happy New Year!