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Help me welcome Victoria Adams today! We're featuring her series followed by an interview, so grab a cup of java and hang out with us a while :-)

Dancing in Circles. (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009PFNPMG) One born into privilege and a charmed life surrounded by love and family. The other born to a life of violence on the streets as the solemn gang leader of the notorious Shoresmen. A young, idealistic co-ed, Julie Anderson, meets a jaded, cold gang member, Robert Holiday, and cracks his icy shell, allowing the warmth of her love to awaken his soul.

Circles Divided– (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BBKNDAC) Is the love of a girl from wealthy Westland and a street punk from the slums of the Shore strong enough to surpass all that life will throw at them and forge a life together? Is Julie willing to sacrifice her childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer for the man she loves? Is Robert willing to lay down his ties to the gang in order to hold onto his new found love?
Sacrifices must be made, but will they be enough?

Circles Interlocked - http://www.amazon.com/Circles-Interlocked-ebook/dp/B005S8LI46  Having been betrayed by the man she assumed she was destined to be with forever; Julie Anderson slapped Robert Holiday in an angry ending to their brief love affair. Heartbroken that her love affair didn't end with the fairy tale Happily Ever After, Julie leaves town to pursue her dream of being a dancer. As fate has a curious sense of humor, eight years later, they wake up in bed together. Now it is up to love to fix what time cannot mend.

Interview with Victoria Adams
Hi, Victoria.

1.    When did you know you wanted to be a writer? What were some of your first steps toward making your dream a reality? How would you say most of your stories are conceived? Dreams? Research? Experience?

I never knew I wanted to be I writer. I just found writing easy. I could write short stories in elementary school and essays were a piece of cake in high school and university. I was – and still am – intrigued by people who say they can't write.  My philosophy – put the pen on the paper – or – fingers on the keyboard.

I became an author by accident. I taught high school. A couple of my student complained there was nothing for them to read. This was pre-Twilight, so I wrote Dancing in Circles and Circles Divided for them.

My stories are conceived by my imagination. I get an idea and run with it. I wrote a book based on a line of dialogue I thought of.

2.    What 3 things would you like readers to know about you?

I'm Canadian, so my book is written in Canadian. I love murder mysteries; Agatha Christie is my favourite author. In the summer, I love to garden. I can write scenes in my head while weeding or deadheading a plant.

3.    Tell us about your books. Genre, titles, any favorite characters? What can we look forward to from you in the near future? WIP’s, upcoming releases?

Dancing in Circles, Circles Divided and Circles Interlocked are the three books that comprise Circles Trilogy. The first 2 – Dancing in Circles and Circles Divided – are NA contemporary – written for 17 and up. The 3rd – Circles Interlocked – is an adult contemporary.
My favourite character in the book is Robert. The book seems to circle around Julie, but it is driven by Robert.
I have a few completed books sitting on my harddrive; one is in a mass rewrite and critique. Its working title is A Guy and A Girl.

4.    What are some of the best social media, marketing, and publicity tips you’ve come across?

If I knew the answer to this I'd be rich. I'm a struggling indie author trying not to drown in the quagmire of promo.

5.    What are some things you know now about writing and being an author that you wish someone had told you at the very beginning?

The first thing is that the way we are taught to write in school has nothing with how we write fiction. That was a steep learning curve.

Second, and most importantly, THEY can be ignored. Who's THEY? Those invisible people who make the rules. They say you can't start a book with a question. They say you can't write in first person. They say...  Once I figured out there is no "Book of Rules" hidden somewhere that everyone seems to know about but me then I stopped listening to a lot of crap and started writing the book the way I wanted to.

I guess you could put a 4th thing to know about me – I write out of the box. I write in omni. Some of my books will have a happy ending and some won't.

Critics and reviewers can tear apart Dancing in Circles and Circles Divided because I know they're wrong. I put my book out to my target audience – older teenagers. I printed out three copies and handed the manuscripts to three students I knew I could trust. They read it. They loved it. But – they were my students – so they "had to say that". Then they asked if they could give it to a friend. It ended up with students coming from other high schools to chat with me. They cried about things that happened in the book. They got angry with characters. These teenagers connected with it. Students did book reports on it in English class. Two students painted art pieces based on the main characters – Julie and Robert. The principal of my school was called by another to see if the author in his school would do a workshop. My principal had no idea what he was talking about.

I was stopped by an older male teenager – not from the high school I worked at – and asked if I was the person who wrote Dancing in Circles. I said yes. He high fived me and said, "I read it. F'in' awesome."

So what is all of that rambling about – the question paraphrased was - What are some things you wish you knew when you started writing?
I wish I knew - write it the way you want. Don't listen to the critics. Write your book.

6.    What lifts your spirits when you’re discouraged?

Chocolate and my cps – when I'm down I can complain to them and they cheer me up.

7.    What tips can you offer towards building and maintaining a strong support system as a writer?

Do the impossible – find a good critique group and then inside of that – find some good critique partners. How do you do that? Try. Try. Try. I've left probably a dozen critique groups. You're probably thinking – because she was told her story was bad. Nope.
Some people can't think beyond the edges of the box. Robert is a gang member – one person kept correcting his grammar. (I ain't done nuthin' wrong – I haven't done anything wrong) Robert uses the word "you'se". One person complained – I don't like that word. It sounds like he's from Detroit.  Well, duh – I grew up in Windsor. The word is part of my lexicon. When I explained that to her it was like talking to a rock.
So your search for a good critique group is good to be long and sometimes painful. Keep digging because awesome cps are better than gold.

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