Dariel's Feature: Angela Rose with "All Bottled Up"

Meet Angela Rose! She's got a great new book featuring men in kilts.
All Bottled Up
The magic of true love has the power to overcome all.

After struggling for years with her self-esteem and weight issues, Robin Summers has matured and grown very fond of her voluptuous full-figure.  Not long after she lands her dream job as a marine biologist at the New England Aquarium, she meets sexy attorney, Todd Healy.  A whirlwind relationship between her and Todd ensues, and before either realizes it, they are planning an intimate, tropical wedding in Aruba with their immediate families. All seems perfect two days before “big day”, until Robin walks in on Todd in the arms of another woman.
The humiliating scene sends Robin running off into the night, confused and angry.  It seems she has run for miles, when she stumbles upon an unseen object and is hurled into the sand.  With the help of the full moon, she finds an ornate bottle and impulsively pulls off the jeweled stopper.   What she expects to find is a mysterious note, but what she ends up with is a middle-aged, gay genie named, Zahir.
With his eccentric mannerisms, Zahir quickly puts Robin’s broken heart and battered self-esteem at ease.  Still owing her three wishes, it doesn’t take long for the genie to set Robin’s confidence back on the right path.  He can grant her anything she wants, but the one thing she truly desires…….is true love.  
Robin is determined to find a way around the huge glitch in the genie’s limitations and makes a list of “must haves” she wants in a future husband. This time when Zahir flicks his wrist, a sexy highland warrior breaks through the purple haze, and he does not look happy.  Its then that Robin realizes her wish didn’t just create the man of her dreams, but pulled him from his own time.

Only .99! Amazon and Nook Buy Links: US Link: http://amzn.to/1cferWV  U.K. Link: http://amzn.to/17m91UC Nook Link:  http://bit.ly/1cGrT5R

About the Author
Ms. Rose loves reading, writing, history, romance and all things Scottish! She is a member of  Romance
Writers of America, as well as its local chapter the Heart of Carolina and the Triangle Writer’s Group, both located in Raleigh, NC. All Bottled Up is her first time travel/romance. Look for her next book, a full-length Time Travel/Romance, Once Upon A Highlander coming soon.

 Her love of reading began at an early age, but it was in high school when the love of literature intensified after being introduced to the works of Charlotte Bronte and Shakespeare!! Her favorite book of all time will always be The Outsiders by SE Hinton. This is when she discovered her love of writing and telling a story.  Other inspirations are Melissa Mayhue and Paula Quinn!

Angela Rose has one grown daughter and three gorgeous grandchildren. Her and her husband decided when they married 14 years ago, that they wanted a son, so they adopted six, yes six boys!  When she’s not reading and writing, You can find her running to and from schools, to sports practices or appointments!!  Ms. Rose is also an avid blogger and you can read about her many adventures in raising a blended, multi-cultural family in the 21st Century.  Kids have the most amazing minds!
 Born and raised in southern Maine, but moved to the Raleigh, NC area in 2008 for her husband's work, she is an advocate for animals, children and juvenile diabetes! She has a Boxer named Greta, a Chocolate Lab named Moose Man and a Pug named Mama Mia and an African Grey Parrot that thinks he's Clint Eastwood!!


I read this and it is a fun read.
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