What Booklovers Are Saying About Paperbacks: On the Verge of Vintage?

Have you ever noticed that whenever we hop on the bandwagon of some new technological frontier, whatever old faithfuls we leave behind become classics? Sought after, valuable, vintage treasures? Well, it seems our beloved paperbacks have become just that. Yes, I’m talking individual books we can feel, smell, and actually have to move our arms to turn the pages.

Much as I appreciate the convenience and sheer ingenuity of our electronic readers, nothing can really take the place of my beloved paperbacks. Recently, a few of my friends suggested that I publish a paperback version of my “Dark Sentinels” series, and I took their advice. I’m working on the full-length “Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish,”  but books one and two are both novellas, perfect for a combination paperback. So, I took a bit of a learning leap with Create Space, combined the two, and published “Dark Sentinels One and Two” in paperback. Thank you, Ladies!

Until “Dark Sentinels One and Two” and the “Here, Kitty Kitty” anthology, I hadn’t published a paperback in five years, so I didn’t know what I was missing. When my first shipment came, I opened the box, eager to see and feel the books, then held one of these fascinating creations to my breast. I know – sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I understood in that moment that like dystopian sci-fi movies where humans are no longer allowed to feel, I’d allowed myself to become desensitized to the wonder of touching, holding, even smelling a paperback.

I asked my street team, Raye’s Ravers, to share their thoughts about paperbacks. Notice how certain themes keep recurring. There’s something nostalgic and intimate about the feel, smell, and actually turning pages of a paperback. No matter how much we love our electronic readers, I think paperbacks are here to stay; so much so, that I recently started a new Facebook group for readers and authors of romance paperbacks called Romance Paperback Lovers. Join us there if you love them too. Here are some of the Ravers’ thoughts:

Colleen – “I think it's the smell of the book. I for one love the smell of them. I love the convenience if my kindle but like I said the smell is the best.”

Donna R - "For me I love my kindle but I will never stop reading paperbacks. The feel, the smell, it's just something I could never give up all the way, and then if your lucky enough to get your favorite books signed, that is the best; curl up and read an amazing book signed by an amazing author.""

Shellie - "I love my paperbacks. I can have them signed by my authors and i can keep them on my shelf and read and admire them everyday. I have about 200 books that i have signed by the authors. I met so many at an RT convention in KS in may. And then all of my aithor friends that i have met on here. I have of those books signed by their authors as well"

Donna S - "For me.. having a book is the same as any book.. but if I have a book that is signed by an author, then that's like a treasure to me.. I enjoy reading but once I have a signed book. I don't let anyone touch them but me.."

Samantha - "Yes I agree you can't beat the smell of an actual book... but I like to take nice hot baths and read and it's so much better to take an actual book then take the risk of ruining my kindle. lol. Also some books you can't find in ebook format... I have one book I read constantly but I cannot find it in ebook format.. I would seriously be lost without my actual books..."

Amy - "Obviously the smell of a book is awesome. Its like a high for a book nerd, lol. I usually get ebooks now cause they are cheaper, but if there is a book I really like with an awesome cover and book spine to show off on my book shelf than its a must buy as a paperback! Plus I love to win signed paperbacks!"

Tanya - "its the feel in my hands the actual turning of the pages the smell and if its signed that just makes it a special treasure."

Kathleen - "I too love the smell, feel and look of a book. I have all the tech versions to read, but the book is my first love."

Donna D - "I know we now have the ease of ebooks however having a real book there is nothing like it. If you ended up having no power for an extended period you can still grab a book for entertainment and comfort."

Jacklynn - "I always love having a book in my hand read!!! I do have a lot ebooks which is great for my hubby cause as of right now he only needs make me two new book cases!!!!"

Heather - "Just the feel of a good book"

Susan - "I adore the smell and feel of a book."


Mickie Sherwood said…
There's just something about holding those physical pages in my hand. But don't stop buying eBooks. LOL
Dariel Raye said…
What's surprising to me is that I'd almost forgotten why paperbacks are still so valuable!