Creative Minds At Work: "Untameable Heat" Bash Inspired Entertainment

Last night Becca of Becca Anne's Book Reviews hosted "Untameable Heat's" last party for right now, and one of the games Becca created was for or party guests to write paragraphs with the words KADEN, UNTAMEABLE, LILITH, FREEDOM, and BASH. Some of the responses were so entertaining I had to share them with you :-) Now, on Thursday we were hosted by Ravenz Reviews, and sadly, that was my first time playing Mad Libs. I know. What a deprived childhood. I still caught on fast enough to roll around laughing at the blurbs our guests came up with. LOL I'll post those another day because they deserve a page all to themselves. Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to comment...

Creative Paragraphs with Becca Anne
  • Andrew T. Kuligowski She was in HEAT ... the raven haired, winged demon LILITH was like an UNTAMEABLE beast!! I'd never had such a lover. And I never would, for as I was reaching the point of no return, the jealous KADEN snuck up upon us and BASHed me in the noggin. ... and that, officer, is why I'm laying naked in this public fountain - I swear!!
  • Rachel De Armond Grossman Kaden tried his hardest to reach the heart of the untameable Lilith. He could feel his frustration rising, sometimes he wished he could just bash his fist through a wall. He could feel the heat coming off of her, taunting him.
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  • Tanya Conaway I have had so much fun hanging out with Dariel Raye kathryn edgar at these partys. I can't wait to get my hands on Kaden and rub truffles all over him maybe Lillith will be a little jealous. But the Untameable heat bash will be worth all her jealousy as long as Kaden will be my date!
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  • Sara Kinsella Kaden had better be real careful or the untameable Lilith just might bash his head in in the heat of the moment...
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  • Dariel Raye LOL! I love these creative minds 
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  • Becca Anne's Book Reviews Loving all these comments 
  • Catrina Barton The untamable Kaden bashed his head against the wall to keep from giving to the lure of Lillith's heat.
  • Becca Anne's Book Reviews 6 minutes left and then i will visit for the winner
  • Lindy Spencer Kaden was untameable, Lility thought. The heat radiating from his general direction was insane. The bachelor bash wasn't doing anything for her, yet she was so glad she'd come; she'd never have seen Kaden otherwise. Her pulse skipped a beat while her heart hammered an escape hatch out of her chest when he looked at her; those eyes... oh, wow, those eyes......
  • Lindy Spencer Lilty... jeez... should read Lillith! WTH... my fingers went crazy!
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Anonymous said…
Talented minds tonight. It was a lot of fun. :)
Thanks for letting us play with your character's names and stuff. :)
Dariel Raye said…
Hey, Kitty B :-) Always enjoy your company!!